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Daily Dose Jun 22 : Slow News Day

No much to report over Sunday as many were busy celebrating Father's day. 

It's the start of a brand new week and this would be the first full week of Phase 2. It's great to see Singapore roaring back to life but the threat is not over just because we are in Phase 2. This is the time to be more vigilant and not let your guard down.

1) 262 new Cases
252 Dorms
10 Community (3 SC/PR, 3 Work Pass, 4 Work Permit)

The community cases return to double-digit. After 2 days of no SC cases, it returns with 3 new cases. Included in the case is an NTU student. He has not been to the university since Apr 2020.

In addition, another new cluster was discovered at another dorm at Woodlands Industrial Park.

The discovery of Work Permit and Work Pass cases outside of dorms is a concern. Since most of them are allowed out of the premises from May, there is a possibility that the virus had circulated in the community as evident from the continued discovery of such cases.

2) 3 Singapore men arrested for Holland Village fight
The crowded area at Holland Village on Day 1 was not the only spectacle of the night. There was a fight too involving these men,

3) Holland Village was less crowded on Day 2 with the closure of Outdoor refreshment area and opening of roads.

Owner of British India Curry Hut said that he could not control the crowds in front of the street and am not responsible for them as they are not his customers.

4) Mosques to resume congregational worship from June 26. Online Booking Required

Each mosque will offer 2 Friday prayer sessions with 50 congregants per session.

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