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Covid19 : Number of unique case tested jumped to close to 7000 per day

Did our Swab Tests increase for the week of June8-15?

Our last analysis had shown that Swab Tests was averaging 10,000 daily with about 2500 unique tests per day. Would the numbers increase for this week?


Total Swab Test Done: 488695
Total Unique Person Swabbed: 284963


Total Swab Test Done: 576198
Total Unique Person Swabbed: 340894

June 8- 15

Total Number of Days: 8

Average Swab Tests: 87503/8 =10937
Average Unique Person Swabbed: 55931/8 = 6991
Infection Rate: 2967/55931 = 5.3%

From the numbers, the following can be observed
1) Average Swab tests per day were at 10937. Compared to the week prior, it has increased but not significantly.

2) Average Unique Person Swabs have more than doubled over the past week, raising from an average of 2568 to 6991. It is an all-time high number since Swab tests were conducted.

3) The average swab test per person has reduced to less than 2 . Since it was announced that Covid19 cases can be discharged after Day 21 without the need for further PCR Tests, this probably led to the decline in average tests per person

4) Despite the increase in unique person tests, the net confirmed cases for June 8-14 has reduced compared to the period prior from 3244 to 2568. The infection rate has also significantly improved from 15.78% to 5.3%. There is a possibility that this could be the result in testing more community cases than in dorm cases. It had been shown that infection rates in dorms could be higher than compared to the general population.

A Positive Step into Phase 2
Overall, the results are positive for Phase 2. The lower infection rate and the increased testing are the indicators we need to head to Phase 2 confidently.  With the recent low numbers, there were doubts if the situation is improving in Singapore as there were no numbers to back it up. This analysis would help dissipate the doubts.

Hopefully, with Phase 2, the numbers can maintain or reduce. That way, maybe we can move to Phase 3 much earlier than expected.

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