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Daily Dose June 13 : Goodbye F1

Daily Dose: Goodbye F1
It's official, this year we will not be having F1. F1 has been in town since 2008. This will mark the first time in 12 years where we will not have massive traffic jams around Marina Bay for a week in September. Will you miss this crown jewel in Singapore sporting calender?

1) 463 new cases
445 cases in dorms
18 cases in Community (8SC/PR, 2 Wp, 8 Work Permit Holders)

2) Community cases rose to 18.

The community cases rose to the highest with increase proactive surveillance. 6 of the 8 SC worked in dorms.
We had previously highlighted the possibility of infection for staff in dorms and isolation community facilities. This group should be tested more regularly due to high contact with Covid19 patients.

3) Work Permit Holders outside dorms rose to 8 

Another concern is the high number of Work Permit Holders and Work Pass Holders (10). On that note, the stay home notice served by 180K FW in the construction sector and their dependants ended on May 18. Since then, they are allowed to leave their premises for daily chores. This group was not tested despite the widespread infections in dorms.

Following proactive tests, before they are allowed back to work, several cases have resurfaced. Who this be a possible leak that resulted in reservoirs of

undetected cases in the community?

4) New Places identified as places Covid19 cases had been to
Pioneer Mall, Waterway Point, Kaki Bukit Recreation Center and Mustafa added to the list. Mustafa was added as a hotspot twice on the list. Do not if you had been to the following locations

-8 Jun 0900h to 1015h Pioneer Mall (638 Jurong West Street 61)
-8 Jun 1550h to 1700h Waterway Point (83 Punggol Central)
-8 Jun 0910h to 1015h Kaki Bukit Recreation Centre (7 Kaki Bukit Ave 3)  POSB
-9 Jun 1950h to 2035h Mustafa Centre (145 Syed Alwi Road)

5) F1 cancelled in Singapore
Citing lack of time for preparation due to Covid19 as a reason for the cancellation

6) 20 million vouchers to be distributed to 400,000 households.

30% of Singapore household will be given a set of vouchers to be used at more than 2000 neighbourhood shops and hawker stalls.

7) More individuals from different household gathering at Parks - Minister Lawerence Wong

This is not allowed under Phase 1

8) 5 Students infected with Covid19 to return to school next week 
They all have recovered from the infection/

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