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Father's Day Gift Ideas : 8 Gifts for Different Types of Dads


Father's Day is on 21 June.

Admittedly, Father's Day is usually more muted than Mother's Day. Don't believe?

A quick check on Instagram and you could see #Motherday outnumbered #Fatherday by 3 to 1. 

Nonetheless, if you do happen to celebrate Father's Day and thinking of a gift for him, here are 8 gifts you could consider. Gifts ideas are from a Dad so "Hint Hint"!

1 For the Foodie Dad

They say a way to a man's heart is through the stomach. That applies to Dads too!

We would probably still in Phase 1 in June 21. That means we would not be able to head out to dine or have a meal with Dad if he is not living with you. If that is the case, order a meal for him. If crabs are his thing, you can consider getting him a meal from 8Crabs.

If you would like to splurge a little, check out the Any day Any Time Feast from Conrad Centennial Singapore. Treat your Dad to a feast of Alaskan King Crab, Lobsters, Rib Eye Roast and Caser Salad. The meal also includes a hearty portion of seafood laksa and crab mac & cheese. You will also get a Pulled Pork and Caramelized Onion Sliders meal kit to prepare a meal for dad. Price from $140 nett for 2.

You can check out the full menu here.

2 The Working Dad

If you are looking for a gift to acknowledge the hardworking dad, why not opt for a cake, This cake by Lobby Lounge @ Conrad would sure to make the working dad smile.

3 The Hairy Dad

For Dads who had been working from home ever since Covid19 started, there is a chance that they would decide to keep a beard.  We reckoned this shaving kit would help your dad clean up. 

You can get one from Treadhim here.

4 The Funny Dad

It may be cheesy but we guarantee  Dads would be proud to wear one, especially if it is a gift from the children. T-shirts with a funny Dad message are great for Dads who are wackier than others.

There are plenty to select from Shoppe

5 The Geeky Dad

A gift from Swarovski for Dad? 

Why not, especially if he is a Star Wars Fan. This Swarovski Stormtrooper is perfect for the Geeky Dad. It's a tad pricey at $449, but hey why not.

If you have the moolah to splurge, you might even consider the Darth Vader Helmet ( $12,900). Any Geeky Dad worth his salt would understand the significance behind it. "I am Your Father" takes this gift up a few notches. 

6 For the Thinking Dad

For Dads who love a drink while pondering about life's issue, this fancy Electric Wine Opener would intrigue him while having his favourite glass of wine.

You can get him a set here

7 For the Mr Fix it Dad

Your Dad loves to fix things around the house. In order to do a decent job at it, he needs his tools. This Black & Decker Tool Kit set will do the job.

It includes a 20V Lithium Drill which is great for drilling holes to hang photos. 
You can get the whole set with 68 pieces of accessories here

8 For the Sentimental Dad

They say the best gift would be one from the heart. 

For the sentimental Dads, it is not the value of the gift but the thought behind in that counts. A self-made card is as priceless as any other gifts out there.

So with Father's Day coming on 21 June, have you got your gift yet?

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