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Daily Dose June 12: A New Normal

Daily Dose-Back to 'Normalcy'
The new norm these days is 400-500 average cases detected in Singapore. While places like Malaysia and Thailand had seen the daily numbers to a single digit, the nation is still managing to curb the spread in the dorms.

1) 422 cases, with 5 in the community
416 Dorms
5 community Cases

Dorms cases are back above 400. Community cases continue to be picked up due to proactive screening.

2) Covid19 patient died of heart disease.
44 year old man is the 7th patient dying due to issues other than Covid19. This is not classified as a Covid19 death.
This is also the 5th case that had passed away due to blood clots and heart-related issues

3) 13000 Daily Test or 3000 people tested daily. The truth behind the numbers

4) 30 More Migrant Dorms cleared of Coviid19

Only 20 dorms left. This does not include factory converted dorms.

5) Man fined for visiting bank over unauthorised cash withdrawals

He was under Quarantine when he visited the bank. He visited the bank to investigate suspicious transactions in his account.

6) Jem, Pioneer Mall visited by Covid19 cases while infectious

New places added to the list of places visited 

FairPrice Xtra outlet at Jem mall on June 6 between 3pm and 4pm

Pioneer Mall at 638 Jurong West Street 61 on June 8 between 9am and 10.15am

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