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Daily Dose June 14 : Hello 40K

Daily Dose: Hello 40K
2 months ago when Circuit Breaker Started, Singapore was at 1481 cases. Since CB started, the number swelled to 40K with most of the cases from dorms. It is an irony that we have more cases now on a daily basis than pre-CB days. 

1) 347 cases, Total Cases 40197
342 dorms
5 community (2 SC, 3 Work Permit)

Dorms continue to churn out numbers in hundreds with no end in sight. On some

days, it would be 200, while in others 400. Once again, the daily numbers are meaningless unless they provide the daily test rates.

2) 5 community cases, with one student detected

Another secondary school student was picked up This is a 15-year-old from St Anthony's Canossian Secondary. Interestingly her case is indicated as Serology Positive, implying that it is a past infection. She was picked up as part of the proactive testing of children above 12 with ARI.

Another Singaporean was picked up by proactive testing. She is a 67 Singapore woman working at SCM Tuas Lodge

3) 73 year old from Safra Cluster died of Covid19
He is officially the 26th death directly from Covid19 in Singapore. Our Condolences to the family.

4) All renovation work can resume from June 15 with BCA approval

300 construction projects can proceed too. Upon receiving approval from the BCA, construction workers residing in private residential properties and Housing Board premises can start work. All construction workers who are work permit or S Pass holders will subsequently need to undergo regular Covid-19 testing after they start work. 

Interestingly tests are done AFTER and not BEFORE work starts.

5)  Taxi Drivers have to print receipts for all street hail passengers or face fine of $50

 Taxi drivers will now have to issue printed receipts for all street-hail and phone booking trips or risks a $50 fine, regardless of whether the passenger asks for them. 

This is a little strange. Passengers might not even keep the receipts. Safe Entry is already in place in taxi and this extra step is for those without handphone

6) Domestic helpers must stay home during rest days under Phase 1

The advisory to employers came after some foreign domestic workers were seen gathering at hotspots such as City Plaza, Lucky Plaza and Peninsula Plaza last weekend.

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