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Daily Dose June 24 : Election is coming

So the country's worse kept secret is officially announced. 

As expected, Singapore GE will be held during Phase 2. The official date would be on July 10. 

1) GE announced on July 10

Nomination day to be on Jun 30

It had been debated that having an election during a pandemic is not exactly a great idea.

With the lowering Covid19 numbers, the introduction of Phase 2  along with the expansive Covid19 Stimulus package to the tune of $100 Billion, the ground is as sweet as it can get to have the GE. 

The need to rid this bearbug in order to concentrate on the matters on hand is also another reason for the GE to be held now.

2) 119 new cases of Covid
116 Dorms
3 Community (1 PR, 1 WP, 1 Work Permit)

Like clockwork, whenever there is a major announcement, you can almost bet that the daily Covid count would spring a surprise. The day count is the lowest for the month. Still, the proof is in the pudding. Without the daily test counts, it is impossible to determine that infection had been reduced.

3) Seoul Garden and Northpoint city among places visited by infectious Covid19 on first day of Phase 2 opening

Do note if you had been to the following places

19 Jun 1715h to 1805h Sheng Siong Supermarket (19 Serangoon North Avenue 5)

19 Jun 2005h to 2140h Northpoint City (930 Yishun Avenue 2) Seoul Garden

4) Self-serving buffet restaurants go a la carte during Phase 2
At least one shuts owning to revenue loss.Manle Hotput shuts down

5) Flash Flood reported in parts of Singapore after heavy rain

Upper Changi Road turned to Changi River, Jurong Town Hall Rd turned to Jurong River

6) 31 dorms Covid19 free, 79000 in total clear of virus
In total, 163 dormitories and 18 BRWs in 11 purpose-built dormitories have so far been cleared of Covid-19.

This is probably the reason why you are seeing lower numbers of infections in dorms

7) Ex NTU Student hacked 121 Koptiman cards, made $7500 selling them on carousell

Youth conspired with 16 people to cheat Grabhitch of $26,000 through bogus bookings

The youths are getting innovative... in a wrong way!

8) 8 things you can do with Singpass App

Include checking where you can vote for GE

Bet you did not know that!

9) Uniqlo to reopen on June 24

Fans of Uniqlo rejoice, they will open doors at selected outlets on June 24

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