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Daily Dose June 27 : Thou Shall Not Touch

Hands off!

With GE campaigning in full swing, members of the public are reminded to observe safe distancing and NOT touch the candidates.  

Do not remove face mask when taking a photo with candidates ( even at home). If you post on social media without masks with the candidate, you might get yourself and the candidate in trouble!

1) 221 cases reported for Covid19
213 Dorms
6 Community ( 5 Sporeans / 1 Work Pass)

After a couple of promising days, the numbers rose once more. 

The dorms numbers continue to remain high. Currently, 120K workers had been tested negative or recovered. There are 323,000 workers in Singapore. Given the rate of spread among workers in dorms, this will continue until the testing in dorms are completed.

2) 6 in the community including 5 Singaporeans

4 Singaporeans are lined to existing cases, 1 unlinked.
Among the linked cases, a man had met up with a large group of people for sports and social activities.

A few interesting observations.
- Did the man participate in sports and social activities in groups of more than 5?
- The man was identified as a contact of an existing case, why was he not quarantine as a result? There should be more restrictions on people who are in contact with existing cases to control possible future infection.

3) 6 new locations identified as places visited by Covid19 cases

Includes a Spa and beauty Service shop where the cases probably have close contact with another!

Safra Mount Faber on June 20 between 7pm and 8pm

Jurong East Sports Centre on June 22 between 9am and 11am

Pearl’s Hill 34, a coffee shop at 34 Upper Cross Street, on June 23 between 7.45pm and 10.10pm and again on June 24 between 4.10pm and 7.10pm

Outram Park Ya Hua Rou Gu Cha, a coffee shop at 7 Keppel Road, on June 24 between 7.15am and 7.45am

An Qi Spa at the People’s Park Centre on June 24 between 12.30pm and 1.35pm

ML Aesthetics, a beauty services shop, at People’s Park Centre on June 24 between 1.55pm and 3.45pm

4) 14 men to be charged for breaching safe distancing measures

6 men invited 6 other men to a house during Phase 1

5) Severe Covid19 can damage the brain

There are still many unknowns about Covid19

6) Singapore may use saliva as it ramps up testing capacity
It will be a much less painless way to get sample compared to a swab test.

7) GE2020 - Cannot touch candidates

Members of the public should not come into physical contact with candidates.

If a candidate enters a person’s home, five visitor rule still applies

1m distancing, mask-wearing rules apply throughout GE2020 campaign

8) Liverpool crown Champions of EPL
It has been 30 years since this last happens. YNWA
It may not be in Singapore, but there are many fans here!

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