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Covid19 Testing : Total Tests increase to average 13K but Unique Tests falls by 35%

Last week we had a significant fall in the total number of cases in Singapore.

A recent report stated that an average of 11000-12000 cases were tested daily. If that is the case, it would imply infection rates had fallen. With the published numbers from MOH, let do a quick analysis.

Total Tests - The number of tests conducted
Unique Tests - The number of People tested


Total Swab Test Done: 576 189
Total Unique Person Swabbed: 340 894

Total Swab Test Done: 684 359
Total Unique Person Swabbed: 376 749

June 15-22

Total Number of Days: 8

Average Swab Tests: 108170/8 =13521
Average Unique Person Swabbed: 35855/8 = 4481
Infection Rate: 1709/35855 = 4.7 %

We used the data here to compare to our previous analysis.
From the numbers, the following can be observed

1) Average Total Swab Tests per day has increased by about 30% from 10937 to 13421 per day

2) Average Unique Person Swab Test has reduced by 35% from 6991 to 4481 per day 

3) The result implied that the average swab test per person has increased from less than 2 to  3 per day.  This probably signalled more conservative testing for the week.

4) Even though the overall numbers reduced from 2967 to 1709, infection rates only fall from 5.3% to 4.7%.  This implied that the lower number is probably due to lesser unique persons tested rather than a fall in infection rate.

Phase 2 
On days leading up to phase 2, infection rates have not really fallen off the cliff. Nonetheless, we are on the way to recovery. It just may take a little while longer than the numbers suggested.

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