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Daily Dose June 28 : Drama

The highlight of the day was GE political Drama. 

It is curtains for new PAP candidate Ivan Lim. He had withdrawn from GE due to allegation of past behaviour.

1) 291 cases confirmed for Covid19
280 Dorms
11 Community Cases (5 SC, 2 Work Pass, 4 Work Permit)

Putting GE aside, the numbers of confirmed cases jumped back up to close near 300 cases.

The dorms numbers are increasing once again. The fact of the matter that with only 120K tested and clear and 200K more to be tested, we are a far way from dorms being cleared. 4 new clusters had been identified indicating that those not tested might still have a high infection rate.

2) 11 Community cases
The community cases went back up double-digit. Of the 11 cases, 5 are Singaporeans with the youngest at 5.

Work Permit cases are a bothersome trend. With such cases mainly in the service industry (air-con, gardening, cleaning, home repair), the risk to the general community is high. Most of the recent cases are only picked up because they were close contact and detected due to ongoing screening of workers in essential services. For those not tested, they remain a possible source of transmission to the local community given the nature of their work. It might be better to test all given the way Covid91 had spread among FW.

3) PAP Ivan Lim withdraws from election following allegations about past behaviour

The internet did it again. Within moments of the announcement of the candidate, claims of character integrity began to surface online. Mr Lim had claimed that the allegations were baseless. If that is so, he should not withdraw. Politicians to be should be made of sterner stuff if they wish to govern Singapore. Giving up due to baseless allegation will give the impression of weakness.

4) All ActiveSG indoor sports hall to shut for safety time out.
This is after Covid19 patient played badminton in large group. The group had booked 6 courts at one go. The group had breached safe distancing measures and ought to be investigated. It just takes one rotten apple to spoil the whole barrel.

5) Singapore, Malaysia agree to allow cross border travel for some residents and business traveller

Travellers would have to adhere to a set of COVID-19 prevention and public health measures, said MFA, adding that the measures are being discussed and will have to be mutually agreed upon by both countries.

Business and residence for now. Not sure if quarantine is needed.

6) How many are actually tested for Covid19 on the week leading up to Phase 2?

Total Test increased to average 13K but unique tests (actual number of people tested) falls by 35%

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