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Daily Dose June 3 : Back to a new Norm

Post CB Day 1 had passed. 

Despite the zero community cases on the last day of CB, we were bought back to earth from the highs with 4 community cases detected.

1 544 new cases 

540 Dorms 
4 community (1SC/PR.2 WP. 1 Work Permit)

The numbers in dorms bounce back above 500. The numbers for the community rises from 0 to 4. The local cases have 3 linked and 1 unlinked case

2) 3 new clusters identified

The discovery of new clusters means threats are not over, especially in dorms

3) Last week of Circuit Breaker saw a rise in people caught socialising

Do note that social gathering is STILL NOT ALLOWED in Phase 1. You can only visit your elderly. Even so, it will be limited to 2 at any one time/day

4) PM Lee urge vigilance and do the right thing

While many of us would try our best to adapt, there will be those who insist on 'I' rather than 'we'. We cannot stop them but that does not mean we have to join them.

5) 7 foreigners charged with gathering to drink and chat at Robertson Quay

The infamous lot will return to court on June 16.

6) Passengers to be ban from the front seat of Grab car

Passengers need to declare health status. The car can now take 3 instead of 4 passengers.

7) Jail and fine for woman who cheated 23 on Carousell for sale of masks

She is a Radiologist who earns average 46k per annual. Made 1.5K before she was caught.

8) Youth Pleads guilty to abusing maid and telling her she had no right to be in Singapore

Ng Jia Sheng, 20, threw a metal mug and fracture the maid's nose!

9) First Day of Phase one in pictures

Because Picture tells a thousand words

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