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10 Predicted Trends for the new Normal in Singapore

We are out of Circuit Breaker!

We are now in Phase 1 of 3. As we progress through these phases, we will see some parts of our past way of life returning. However, things will never be the same as before as we embark on a new normal.

With our experiences with Covid19, these are some predictions of new trends going forward.

1) A more Health-Conscious Society

Mask and Sanitisers may be here to stay. Singapore is not known as a mask-wearing society akin to Japan or Taiwan. Since the onset of Covid19, mask-wearing became compulsory. The habit of wearing a mask might leave a lasting impact. Even when Covid19 passed us, wearing a mask could be a common sight in the future.

Likewise, the use of sanitisers had increased during this period. Do not be surprise if it will be a common item found in most bags in the future.

Even without a mask or sanitizers, we would be more health-conscious as a result of this experience. Just check out the number of runners on the streets these days.

2) Virtual Meetings

Covid19 had bought technology to the forefront. From interacting with each other via Zoom or Google Meet, face to face meeting can now be done virtually. Expect more interactions via this medium in the future. There will be new ways to conduct business, hang out or even go on a date!

3) New ways to house Foreign Workers

One big glaring point that was bought up during this period is the plight of Foreign Workers. The focus is on their accommodations where overcrowding became an issue as it exacerbated the spread of Covid19 in the dorms. Expect this to be addressed with new dorms that would address this issue. Old dorms would also need to be retrofitted with better living conditions.

4) More Business to go online

Bricks and Mortar business model will not be the sole model going forward. The business will incorporate an online presence. That said, it would mean more roles opening up in this virtual space. With this, education system might also be tweaked to reflect this for the future.

5) Work from Home Jobs to increase

As more business head online, working from home would be a reality. Given the experience during the Circuit Breaker, businesses are beginning to realise that employees can afford to work from home.

It will be a way to work in the future.

6) Home Buyers expectations

In recent times, condos are preferred over landed properties due to the expansive land size and facilities despite the smaller home footprint in the former. Since the experience of staying at home, where condos facilities are closed off, some may realise that having a bigger home footprint matters more than facilities. With employees seeking the option from working from home, space becomes a must-have. Expect to see more buyers looking for landed property in the future. 

Given the limited number of landed properties, the prices of these might increase to catch up with neighbouring condos.

7) Tuition Fees may be reduced as Tuition and Enrichment Centers lose their vice-like grip on education.

Home base learning had been the 'norm' during circuit breaker. Most tuition centre adapts and moves their lessons online. Some had done the transition smoothly. This creates a new niche for the future. Some students may opt for such lessons than visiting tuition centres. The high tuition fees had always been a complaint for most parents. With this change, a more affordable fee structure is on the cards.

8) Self Sufficient Singapore

The experience with Covid19 had exposed Singapore's reliance on foreign imports. From masks to eggs, it had been shown that being self-reliant should be the way to go. Due to limited land, we might not be 100% self-sufficient. Nonetheless the capacity for self-reliance should increase in the near future.

9) Less Materialistic

After 2 months of Staying At Home, the need for new clothes, designer bags, branded goods are on the wane. More are realising that the needs for these are unnecessary. The society as a whole would most likely move away from Materialism, at least in the short term.

10) More Self Reliance

If you are one of those who made your own meals, fix your own stuff and clean your own house during Circuit Breaker, you would probably have grown to be more self-reliant. After this episode, you may probably head out less for meals and change your own lightbulbs.

These are our 10 predicted trends after Covid19 runs its course. Do share with us what you think would be the trend of the future as a result of Covid19.

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