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Daily Dose 1 June 20 : New Beginning

New Beginning

This is Day 1 of the start to normalcy. Although there are still many things we could not do, preparing kids to head back to school brings back some of the good old times. 

Despite the end of Circuit Breaker, our daily dose will continue. We strive not only to bring you news on Covid19 but nuggets of daily news in Singapore in one post. Stay with us ok 😉

1)408 cases reported

408 cases in dorms
0 case in community.

The last day of CB marks the first time in CB that there are no community case. Is this a sign of things to come.

While it is good, we will hold back celebrations. If we have a whole week of zero case, the champagne will be pop!

2) 3 new clusters identified

Despite the zero community cases, clusters continue to emerge in factory dorms. The bigger fight in dorms is not over yet. Not by any long shot

3) 51 year old Chinese National dies from Covid 19 
It's the 24 death related to Covid19 in Singapore.
Our condolences to the family

4) 40,000 migrant workers cleared from Covid19 can return to work

60 dorms are also given the all-clear.

5) Face Mask to be the default option.

Face Shield will only be allowed for teachers in classes, children under 12 and those with medical conditions. This marks a change in policies towards mask in less than a month.

6) Singapore Airlines and Silkair reinstate flights for some destinations

Among the reinstated scheduled services include: Adelaide, Amsterdam, Auckland, Barcelona, Brisbane, Cebu, Christchurch, Copenhagen, Hong Kong, Medan, Melbourne and Osaka, said SIA on its website.

They will be reinstated in June/July. It does not mean that you can travel there as a tourist or business

. Individual countries still require quarantine and if you travel for leisure or otherwise, you are also subjected to quarantine when back in Singapore. 

This will more likely benefit residents of the respective countries for them to get back to their home.

7) Singapore to build new dorms, improve living conditions for migrant workers

This is expected to ease the numbers in existing dorms. In the meantime, unused state property to be used as temporary migrant workers accommodation

Source: CNA

8) Trains and buses to run at pre-circuit breaker frequencies from June 2.

Would this be enough to ease peak hour crowd?

9) Pump Prices down after SPC 2 week standoff

Thanks to SPC, we have lower pump price now.

10) 2 in 3 working Singaporean do not have savings to last beyond 6 months

That is if they have no jobs today. It is a scary thought.

If one does not have savings beyond 6 months, how is it even possible to plan for retirement?

Source: ST

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