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What to expect for Phase 2 in Singapore?

During a recent press conference, Phase 2 was mooted to start earlier than expected.

If community transmission remains low or stable in the first 2 weeks, there is a possibility that Phase 2 could happen before the end of June.

What to expect in Phase 2?

Almost all-economy will open in Phase 2

More business will reopen on Phase 2.

  • F&B Dine in to be allowed (cap at 5 people)
  • Retail outlets 
  • Consumer Services 
  • Home-based Services ( Private Tuition, Hairdressing, Home Dining, etc)
  • Gyms and Fitness Studios 
  • Opening of Borders between Spore and China ( Shanghai, Tianjin, Chonqing, Guandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang


  • Sports, recreation and outdoor facilities will reopen
  • Stadiums and Swimming pools to open
  • More senior services and programmes
  • Face to face social services for other vulnerable groups


  • All students will return to schools*
  • IHLs to gradually increase the number of students back on campus for face to face learning.
  • Tuition and Enrichment Centers *


  • Allow up social gatherings of up to 5 persons
  • A household can receive up to 5 visitors a day.

What will not be open

  • Cultural Venues (Museums, Libraries)
  • Large Scale Venues (Conferences, Exhibitions)
  • Entertainment Venues (Theatres, bars KTV, cinemas)
  • Religious Functions

These may not resume at the start of Phase 2. However, if safeguards are in place, they may open in Phase 2

*As per the announcement on May 19

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