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Daily Dose : Last Day of CB

Last day of Circuit Breaker

Today marks the last day of CB before life return to a sense of normalcy. While tomorrow marks a new beginning, it is a new norm that will greet us. There are still plenty of things we are not allowed to do yet. One thing for sure, Daily Dose will continue for a while longer even after CB ends.

1) 518 new cases
516 cases in dorms
2 cases in a community ( 2SC/PR)

The dorms numbers continue to hover around the 500 mark. From the looks of it, it might be the number that is comfortable to process and absorb.

Source: MOH

2) New Cluster identified

128 Tuas South Ave 3 added as a new cluster. With added new clusters, it is likely that the cases are still undetected especially at factory dorms.

Source: MOH

3) 2 community cases
Both are unlinked. There are more cases out there.

Source: MOH

4) Parkway Parade added to the list of Public Place

The virus is coming to the East

Source: CNA

Other Public Places to avoid


5) What can you do in Phase 1 that you cannot do during Circuit Breaker?

A quick recap of the changes for Phase 1


6) 1000 digital ambassadors to be recruited to help stakeholders and seniors go online

Need a job?
If you are patient and good with seniors, this would be a role for you.

Source: CNA

7) No ERP Till June 28

If you are heading back to work or sending kids to school, this would help.


8) Firms Step up safety measures as more employees head back to work.
-Closing off or reducing capacity in common areas
-Stepping up cleaning measures
-Offering Food Delivery, pooling food orders
-Reconfiguration of Work Places

The workplace will fell a little different on Tuesday

Source: ST

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