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Daily Dose June 5 : Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

This is probably how we would respond to the daily cases. At average of 500 cases a day, we are probably getting tired without an end in sight. 

Along the way, we would keep ourselves entertained with a dose of daily tidbits. So here we go...

1)  517 new cases, 15 in community

502 Dorms
15 community ( 2 PR, 6 Work Pass, 7 Work Permit)
The early euphoria of 0 cases on the last day of CB dissipated.

2) Some of the community cases are current cases

All 15 are asymptomatic and were close contact of existing cases. 13 of them are related to existing cases that had stayed in a shophouse at Veerasamy Road.

3 cases have a positive serological test, which is indicative of past infection, 8 came back negative indicating current infection, 2 are pending.

This indicates the virus is still active in the community. It also highlights the need to test FW who are living in large groups settings outside of dorms/factory dorms. This group was made to serve SHN but are not subjected to active testing prior. 

Given the possible interactions with the community at large, this would be a concern and a possible source of a larger undetected infection

3)  More than 408 000 COVID 19 test done in Singapore as of June 1
In terms of unique persons, it is only 264393.  about half the test was done on community population.

4) Places of Worship, bars, cultural venues will have to convince authorities of robust safety plans before opening

For bars, how do you drink without removing the mask?

Would Covid19 spell the end of bars in Singapore?

5) Singapore to receive $1000 from June 18

You can check out how much you can receive here 

6) Some supermarkets ease purchase limits on essential items

You can get more rice, noodles, cooking oil and even toilet papers

7)  Close to 400 Covid19 related scams reports, $1.4 million cheated from Jan to Apr

Mostly categorised into 3 types.
E-Commerce scams, impersonation scams, phishing scams

8) Teen in viral supermarket juice drinking stunt wants to claim trial

Claim that friend uploaded the video' without getting his approval for the caption ' How to spread Wuhan Virus' 

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