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Daily Dose June 9 : Election is Coming

Election is coming.

While the date has not been set, the latest measures on Election signals that we will have one in the midst of a Pandemic. With Phase 1 still in place, this also indicates that we might head to Phase 2 soon. Despite that, we would probably not see the crowds of the past election if it is to be held in the coming months.

1) 386 new cases
384 Dorms
2 Community (1 SC/1 WP)

The number of community cases reduces from 14 to 2. The jump to 14 the day before with 4 students tested positive was a controversial point. Interestingly, none of the cases is related to the 4 students today. Given the infectious nature of the virus, it would not be surprising to see the household members or related cases to the 4 students turning up in the numbers.

2) Recent rise in Covid19 community cases due to proactive screening

The situation is under control as per Health Minister Gan. For the record, cases jumped from 23 to 60 a week after circuit breaker ended.

3) More Places identified as places visited by Covid19 cases

6 more places identified

May 29 1300-1335 - Tanglin Mall
May 29  1800-1830 - 82 Marine Parade Central
May 30 900-1100 -Yuhua Village Market and Food Centre
May 30 1710-1740 -Giant Woodlands St 82
May 30 2230-2300 -Giant Woodlands Ave 6
June 2 1700-1730 -Jin Ja Chicken Clementi Mall
Jun 3 1900-2100 - IMM

4) Regional Screening centres set up with Covid19
Walk-in request is still not accepted.

Centres include
Old Policy Academy
The Float@ Marina Bay
Bukit Gombak Sports Hall
Bishan  Sports Hall

Patients who refuse a test can be mandated for a test under the Infectious Disease Act. However, the current preference is to 'strongly encourage' and not use the act.

5) Contact Tracing device will not track the location
It is a Bluetooth and NOT GPS device.
Can only identify people in close contact with coronavirus via wireless Bluetooth Technology.

6) Parents Raise concerns after 4 students and school employee test positive

Some had decided that their child should skip school for a year!

7) Singapore is the 4th Safest countries in the world for Covid19

Test by Forbes uses measurements which include quarantine efficiency, monitoring and detection, health readiness and government efficiency. For the record, Singapore is rank higher than NZ (8) in this study (See story below)!

8) NZ Eliminates coronavirus with zero cases reported
No active case in NZ today!

9) Singapore GE is coming
Measures for election laid out. Includes recommended voting times, disposable gloves and other measures

Source: ST

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