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Daily Dose : Tag Me!

Community Spread is on the rise with an average of 6 cases vs 5 cases the week prior.

To stem the potential rise and to track cases, G will be providing tracking tracing devices for all. Get ready to be tag!

1 )261 Confirmed cases
250 in Dorms 
11 in the community (6SC/PR, 5 Work Permit)

It is not the time to rejoice yet, the lower dorm numbers are a result of the lesser tests. No reason was given for this. Regardless, without the number of tests done per day, it is just a number that does not reflect any status.

2) Community Spread is back
There are 11 cases with 6 SC/PR.  There are 4 unlink cases and 1 case age 95

The link cases show that infection rate are still high especially with close contact and family members. The double-digit number is a concern as community cases start to rise again in just a few days of Phase 1.

3) New dorm cluster added

Interestingly, the shophouses located at  Balestier Road were not identified as a cluster despite having more than 10 cases there.

4) Contract Tracing devices for all to be roll out soon

This will be distributed to everyone in Singapore. Privacy, cost and usage remain a concern. 

5) People eligible for Covid19 support grant do not need to be unemployed for 3 straight months before applying

However, there are other conditions to be met. This includes not having a house with AV over 21K

6) Private car inspections to resume on June 8

Vehicles owners who had their inspection deadlines deferred will get a notification from LTA

7) Elderly man charged with refusing to comply with Covid19 quarantine.

78-year-old man claims his doctor had cleared him from quarantine.

8) NDP fun packs to be collected from CC/RC

Each fun pack cost $2.40. To include sanitizers, thermometer, face mask

9) How many more tests for Foreign Workers?
We played Sherlock and provide a breakdown base on the currently available information.

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