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NDP Singapore Together Pack 2020 : What is inside?

NDP Singapore Together Pack will be made available from Jul 12.

NDP Fun Pack is now rebranded to Singapore Together Pack.

Originally meant to be provided for all Singapore households, it had now been confirmed that production will be reduced after online feedback that not everyone wants one. The packs can be collected from July 20 at community clubs and residents' committee centres.

There will be 12 items in the fun pack, down from the usual 20-25 items to avoid waste.

Here is what you can expect.

The Bag 

1) Reusable Grocery Bag

Each Bag will feature one of 20 artworks done by artists with disabilities and Primary 5 students.

Here is a peek at the design of the bags

Designs by Artists with Disabilities 

Designs by Primary 6 Students


For Home Celebration

2) Handheld Flag

3) Face Tattoo

4) Red Filter for Phone Torch
Mini Stickers that is fixed to phone torch for the evening segment of NDP. There will be a "light up moment" during the segment for this yse.

5) Snack and Canned Drink
Sponsored by Local food and beverage companies

Show Solidarity as One People

6) State Flag (Full Size)
Full-Size Cloth Flag to be displayed at home

7) Iron-On Flag
Can be attached to a reusable mask

8) Our Heart for Singapore Card
Pledge Card to encourage Singaporeans to take action towards worthy causes and express their appreciation to frontline Covid-19 Workers

9) Singapore Together Commemorative Magnet

Fight Covid Together

10) Face Mask
There will be one face mask . However, it’s not stated if it will be a disposable or reusable mask . 

11) Thermometer

12) Hand Sanitiser
Two Bottles will be included.

The whole cost of the bag?

A mere $2.40 per bag. With each Singapore household getting one, it is quite a thrifty affair to celebrate the Nation's birthday. Given that there are useful items in the bag, it is worth getting one when it is available.

For those who are looking forward to coupons, it will be available this year in a digital format. Not only would it save cost, but it will also reduce wastage too. 

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