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De Hygienique Review: Mattress & Sofa Cleaning

With viruses and bacteria lurking in your home, who are you going to call?
Ever since the emergence of Covid19, the concept of cleanliness had been ingrained in us. Thus, when De Hygienique offered to give our mattress and sofa a thorough clean, it is hard to say no.

De Hygienique is a cleaning company that specializes in mattress cleaning, sofa cleaning and carpet cleaning. For normal folks like us, a clean would be using a vacuum. A professional cleaner like De Hygienique takes cleaning up several notches with its state-of-the-art cleaning equipment from Europe.  These are types of equipment that we guaranteed you will never find in people's home.

Mattress Cleaning

Heavy Equipment for cleaning

First to clean was the mattress. To be honest, our mattress has been around for almost 10 years (yes, it is that long) but we had not really given it a thorough clean save for the occasional vacuum.  De Hygienique had stated that mattress is probably the dirtiest furniture at home. We spend 1/3 of our lives on it, yet it had been neglected to date. 

Dust after a quick clean

The staff did a quick demo with the use of a black cloth for less than a minute. Unsurprisingly, dirt, dead skin cells and maybe even dust mites were picked up. We cannot imagine the result of a full clean-up. It made us shudder to think that we had been sleeping on literally a pile of dirt every night.

If you have not done mattress cleaning before, we highly recommend you do one soon!

Flipping over mattress

If your mattress is double-sided, the staff will clean the other side for you too.  After the deep cleanse, a citrus-scented chemical safe solution will be sprayed on to delay re-infestation of dust mites in the mattress. 

Overall, the process took less than an hour and you are done. The process is 100% dry so there is no downtime. You can choose to use your bed immediately should you wish to.
Citrus scented spray
If you are looking to remove stains in your mattress, opt for their Mattress Stain Removal Treatment instead. Do note that Stain Removal Treatment would take an average of 4-8 hours to remove the stains. With mattress cleaning services since 2003, De Hygienique will have both experience and expertise for a good clean.

Sofa Cleaning
Cleaning Equipment

Next up was the cleaning of our 3-year-old sofa. Our sofa had aged with some yellow discolouring. We were reluctant to clean it for fear of colour fading or watermarks.

When the idea was proposed to clean the sofa, we decided to go ahead after learning about De Hygienique sofa treatment. 

De Hygienique uses soft cleaning techniques such as pH7 products to prevent discolouration and low moisture shampoo that drys 75% quicker than conventional cleaning treatments. This would help to prevent shrinkage and provide effective treatment.

The staff will do a survey prior to cleaning and explain the possible outcomes. With fabric sofa, if you have an existing stain, it might not be possible to remove if it had already seeped into the fabric. It is best to consult the staff prior to treatment to set expectations.

Low Moisture Shampoo

Before the start,  protection was laid on the carpet to prevent any spillage from the clean.

The sofa was prepped to clean with vacuuming to extract dust and dirt. The next step was to be cleaned using their signature low moisture shampoo. 

Work in Team

Lastly, a special vacuum was used to suck out excessive water. When dry, the brush is used to remove fine crystals t smoothen the sofa texture. 

Special water vacuum

The whole process was completed within 2 hours. Visually, we were amazed to see the yellow discolouration removed. 

You can see the results below. The cushion on the left is taken after a clean, while the one on the right was before a clean. The yellowish patch on the edge had been removed on the 'after' cushion.

After and Before

In addition, we were surprised by the items picked up during the clean. We always thought we were thorough in cleaning, but we did miss a few things in-between gaps and underneath the sofa. 


Treasure in the Sofa

If you had not cleaned your mattress or sofa, we highly recommend making an appointment. De Hygienique not only clean but sanitises your furniture. Overall, we were pleased with the result and the prompt service rendered. 

Other than mattress and sofa, De Hygienique also does a wide array of cleaning services such as carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, fabric wall cleaning, leather cleaning and disinfection service. You can check out their full services here.

 For our readers, from now till October 3rd, enjoy a 10% discount their services. To enjoy the promotion, book an appointment and inform the Customer Service that you know De Hyienique through The Wacky Duo. You can contact them through the contact details.

Contact Details
Phone: + 65 67491950
Address: 53 Ubi Ave 1 #03-44 Paya Ubi Industrial Park Singapore 408934
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm

TWD received complimentary services from De Hygienique for the purpose of this review.

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