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How you can entertain kids on a budget

With warmer weather approaching and restrictions being lifted, more of us are looking forward to spending some time together doing the things we love. 

Visiting theme parks, zoos, the beach, parks, and family walks in the countryside - there’s plenty of ways you can enjoy the warm weather. However, if you’re on a budget, or you’re trying to cut back on your spending habits you might need to rethink your summer entertainment options.

Although we’re spending more time outdoors away from the screens and expensive electricity, the cost of summer can quickly add up. So, with this in mind, we've gathered some ways you can entertain the kids this summer even if you’re on a budget.

First things first…

Have you set your summer budget yet? Creating a budget will prevent you from overspending and allow you to continue to pay off any debts and still cover all your bills and financial essentials. Need some guidance? Check out this budget calculator for some help.

Make your own ice lollies

Forget the chime of the ice cream van, get the kids excited about making their very own cool summer treats. Ice cream, sorbet, sundaes, frozen yoghurt and of course fruity popsicles will go down a treat in the sweltering heat! This simple activity gets kids out of the sun for a little while, measuring ingredients, working together and coming up with cool and delicious flavours and concoctions. It’ll save you a bundle!

Backyard camping

If you have some outdoor space, then you won’t need to travel far or pay expensive park fees to enjoy a fun camping experience. If you have a tent simply set it up in the backyard and let the kids imaginations run wild (consider borrowing one from a friend if you don’t have one). Fill it with cushions, cover it with bunting, string lights and make it a little home from home.

Bonus: Camping not your thing? Why not do some stargazing before you head indoors for the evening?

Virtual safari

With some zoos still closed, and others imposing stringent restrictions throughout their parks – not forgetting the price – heading to a zoo might not be the experience you and your family are looking for. Instead, why not go on a virtual safari? Many zoos have live cams from pens and enclosures, in parks all over the world. It's fun and educational!

Arts and crafts

Who doesn’t love arts and crafts? During those inevitable rainy days, you’re going to need something to stop everyone climbing the walls. Kids love nothing more than getting sticky with glue, covered in glitter and having their latest artwork displayed on the fridge. You can pick up arts and crafts materials for a cheap price and don’t forget to keep those recyclable boxes and cardboard!

Read outdoors

Looking for a quiet activity? Place some blankets outdoors in the shade - reading outdoors is free, fun and enjoyable for everyone. Why not picnic in your little reading nook and make an afternoon of it?

And finally, paint rocks

Got some spare paint or acrylic pens? Decorating rocks you find in your garden and hiding them in your neighbourhood for others to find is a super fun activity you can all enjoy.

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