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Nomination Day - Daily Dose June 30

Today you will know who to vote for on 10 July. 

While we look ahead to the battles today, let's have a quick peek to what happened yesterday.


1) 202 confirmed cases 
196 Dorms
6 Community (4 SC, 2 WP)

The community cases had dropped but the unlink cases remain. As usually work permit cases are on the list. It is a growing concern as the quarantine does not seem to curb the spread. Given the daily numbers, it might be necessary to have compulsory testing on this group as they are within the community.

3 new clusters at dorms are formed. Given that it had been 3 months since CB, new clusters forming would signal that our fight against Covid is still evolving despite the measures taken.

2) A 27-year-old Bangladeshi man who contracted COVID-19 has died from multiple injuries resulting from a fall from height.

 He tested positive for the virus on Jun 6 and died on Jun 25. No details if it is an accident, work-related or otherwise.

3) Visiting the Singapore attractions opening on 1 July?

Read this first on the rules and restrictions.

4) CanSino Covid19 vaccine approved for military use in China

First Vaccine for Covid 19 approved and used on a larger scale. Question is with a name like CanSino, would you take a gamble?

5) 2 Free Masks for Residents now ready for collection

Find out how to collect from here. The collection ends 12 July

6) More SAF training to resume
Get ready your running shoes...

"In the months ahead, more in-camp training will resume, while individual physical proficiency tests (IPPT), IPPT preparation training and remedial training at fitness conditioning centres for operationally ready national servicemen (NSmen) will be phased in, said Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen in an online interview last Thursday."

GE 2020
7 PAP introduce new candidate Xie Yao Quan to replace Ivan Lim

So far only positive remarks about him were made online

8) PM Urge cautions against 'trial by internet'

Will investigate Ivan Lim allegations after the polls. Does it mean if allegations are untrue, the people will be sued? 

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