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8Durian Review : Durian Delivery in Singapore

Durian season is here

Durian season from Singapore will be from May to Aug 2020. This is the time the aroma of Durians can be picked up in almost every corner of Singapore. For durian fanatics, it is the best period of the year.

With Covid19, this year's durian season will be celebrated a little differently. In the past, it was common to see hoards descending to Durian stores to grab a bunch of durians. Some stalls will even set up tables for consumers to dine in. However, with Covid19, the idea of heading out to face crowds may not be everyone's cup of tea.

This is where 8Durians come in. If you have not heard about 8Durian, to be honest, neither did we before this. We found them out through our contact with 8Crabs. You can read about our tasty experience with 8crabs here. They are related as they have the same contact number albeit different extension.

Why 8durian?
8durian selection

Fresh and Frozen Durians
There is a mix of fresh and frozen durians to choose online. We decided to order the best of their selection - Premium Mao Shan Wang AAA Grade and Premium Black Gold Durian from Pahang High Mountain Plantation. In addition, we threw in Fresh Frozen Mao Shan Wang for good measure. 

What's the weight?

The fresh variant came in a clear transparent box while the frozen durians came double sealed in the box to keep the smell in when store. Talking about the smell, even though it is sealed tight, the aromatic scent still seeps through. While we were in durian heaven when we received the goods, the labelling did throw us off when the frozen durians were labelled as Black Gold instead of Mao Shan Wang. 

As for the weight, we do not have a kitchen weighing scale to weigh it. Instead, by using a luggage weight (not as accurate as kitchen weighing scale),  we register a weight of above 1.5kg for packs of 3. So the 450g per box seems legit.

Free Replacement or Refund
If for any reason, you are not happy with the durians, you can request for free replacement or refund. However, please don't finish the durians and then claim it is no good hor.

Taste Test
Foodies Gold

The weight came in about right. As for the durians itself. Both the variants we had came in dark creamy yellow. The skin is neither rubbery nor watery. In fact, we think it is a lot creamier than some of the durians we tried. The durians itself is pretty big and there were about 7 seeds in the box.

As for the taste, it is a familiar bitterness to it that is synonymous with Mao Shan Wang variety. It's pure heaven in every bite.

Large and small seeds

The durian seeds came in a mix of large and small seeds. We do think it is from the same durian due to the same taste and texture. As for the frozen durians, we are going to store it for future indulgence. Frozen durians can be stored for as long as 2 months if you store it properly. Great standby in case we have a craving down the road.

Source: 8Durian

Prices vary from $14 per kg for the frozen variant to $27 per kg for Premium Black Gold Durian. The durians are packed in 450 gram per heat-sealed box which comes from 1.8kg of durian husk. In per box terms, the order can be as much as $47.9 for premium Black Gold Version. There is also the cheaper Red Prawn version at $28.90.

Some had probably read that durians price is dropping due to a bumper harvest. However, there was torrential rain in Pahang on 10 June that destroyed many durian trees and branches. Google it to verify!

There is free delivery for orders above $100. Should you really crave for durians, you can opt for the one hour express delivery with an additional $18. There are different delivery time ranging from 12-4pm, 4-8pm, 8-10 pm and even 10pm-12am for those craving for midnight snacks ( additional delivery surcharge applies)

Do order fast as durians often sell out fast on this website.

TWD was offered durians for the purpose of this review. All opinions are of our own.

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