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Singapore Free MaskSafe DET30 facemask review : Why you should get it and how to get more?

Have you collected your free facemasks yet?

Residents of Singapore may collect a gree pair of MaskSafe DET20 reusable antimicrobial masks form 29 June. The last date to collect the face mask will be on 19 July. The masks can be collected at any of the 30 vending machines at 21 locations comprising of bus interchanges and Plaza Singapura.

If you have not collected your masks, why are you hesitating?

Why you should get them?

It's free!
If the saying is true then the best things in life are free.

The masks are reusable up to 30 washes. With 2 masks, it would mean that you could use it up to 60 times. A box of Surgical Masks with 50 pieces would cost about $20-$25. So this could effectively replace a box.

It's as good as most surgical masks

It has an outer antimicrobial layer and tested against various bacteria and virus with 95% effectiveness against Influenza A virus. Compared to the different surgical masks in the market, it would probably be as good if not better than them. Size-wise, it is comparable to a standard surgical mask.

Size comparison

It's breathable
Much better than the previous version

Unlike the previous Free Antibacterial mask, this version is more breathable. In fact, it is as comfortable if not more comfortable than a surgical mask. With this on, you probably need not find an excuse to not wear a mask. Pretending to run, having a drink while walking, smoking while walking would be a thing of the past for those mask sensitive residents.

We dare to say that this is the most comfortable mask we had used to date. The breathable material is great for kids and the elderly.

How to collect?
Just head down to any vending machines listed on the website.
Key in your postal code to find the nearest vending machines.
You would need to bring your ID card to scan to collect your masks.

How to get more?
Given that Covid19 would be with us for quite a while, it may be wise to get more mask as standby. From now to 17 July, you can preorder the mask kit ( 2 masks per kit) for $8 each. Since each mask can be used up to 30 times, it is as good as getting a box of a surgical mask and then some. 

The free mask kit can last you about 2 months. If you want more, you can pre-order for up to 5 mask kits per person here

Do note that Preorders closes on 17 July and collection must be done by 19 July.

Mask up and stay safe! 

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