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Covid19 Strikes Back

Covid19 intensifies in Singapore. 

Confirmed cases are up above 300 for the past 2 days. There was a reported death and warnings that higher numbers are to be expected from FW Dorms.

1) 347 cases confirmed 
338 cases in dorms
7 community (1 SC 3 Work Pass, 3 Work Permit
2 imported cases

Cases are back above 300  for dorms.  The day before, the reason for the large number was due to backlog cases. It was thus surprising to see these numbers today..

2) 215000 workers cleared. 1/3 more to go
Target date of completion is mid-August
Expect higher numbers as a larger population of migrant workers in various purpose-built dormitories completing their isolation period and being tested for COVID-19. As some of them came from dormitories with a higher prevalence of COVID-19 infection, we can expect a higher number of confirmed cases in the next few days from this group of migrant workers.

3) 27 official death recorded for COVID19
62 Year old Sporean died due to complication.  The man had a history of diabetes mellitus, hypertension and hyperlipidemia.

4) 18 Hotels are accepting Staycations bookings now.

Prices start from $108 with hotel providing special packages for a staycation

5) Man who broke Covid10 laws to carry out loan shark harassment gets informative training and driving ban

Loan shark is not an essential service.

6) Jurong West Secondary student not infected with Covid19
TTSH made a mistake by mixing up the label.

7) NDP Song is out
Everything I am sand by Nathan Hartono

8) Singapore and Malaysia set Aug 10 as start date for cross border travel.
Not for leisure but for residents and business travellers

9) Have you collected your Free Mask?
Closing date is 19 July. You can also purchase additional mask if needed. This is by far the most comfortable masks we had tested

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