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Cinemas reopen - Here are 5 movies that deserve that popcorn time.

It's popcorn time once again when cinemas open their doors to the public in Singapore. 

After binging on Netflix for the past few months, we probably might have forgotten the cinema experience. While staying cosy at home, on the sofa with the 65 inch TV  with the daily dose of K-Dramas, Netflix Original Movies and reruns of old shows sound like a couch potato's dream, it will never replace the anticipation of watching a brand new movie on the big screen with fresh popcorns to feast.

Given that most of us are probably lost as to what is showing in the movies, there is a snippet of the shows that will be worth the popcorn time in the cinema.

1 Train to Busan : Peinsula
Show Starts: 15 July

For the Korean Drama fans, Train to Busan: Peninsula would be an apt first show to watch. The first Train to Busan was a runaway success with the introduction of Zombies on a Train to Busan. 

This time around, Train to Busan will take on the streets of Seoul. From the trial, there was no train in sight and Busan was not mentioned. We are unsure of the connection, but from the trailer, it looks like a mash-up of The Walking Dead and I am Legend. It probably will not win awards but it will be a good pandemic show to take our minds of the current pandemic.

2 Wonder Woman 1994
Release Date - 12 Aug 2020

The sequel to the successful Wonder Woman franchise and probably the only DC franchise worth watching. Gal Gadot is back and this time Wonder Woman goes retro with a 1984 setting.

3 Disney Mulan
Release Date - 20 Aug 2020

Another Disney 'Princess' is born with Disney Mulan. Mulan will probably be the best fighter among all other princesses. Disney first produced Mulan based on the Chinese legend of Jua Mulan in an animated form. In 2020, it will bring the animation to life with the new Disney Mulan.

If you do not know the tale, it is about a woman masquerading as a man to be a warrior in place of her ailing father. It is an epic journey to transform her into an honoured warrior and earning the respect of a grateful nation and a proud father.

4 A Quiet Place Part 2
Release Date - 4 Sep 2020

This 'silent' hit deserves a sequel. The first episode hangs in a cliffhanger after the family fought off an extraterrestrial creature that annihilated most of mankind and won. They had figured a way to rid the unwanted guest. The question now is will the 4 be enough to defeat their conquerors?

Watching this with a mask on is perfect. After all, if we make any sound during this quiet show, it will ruin the quiet effect.

5 Top Gun: Maverick 
Release Date - 23 Dec 2020

This one is for the older dads. The original Top Gun was aired in 1986. That is a whopping 34 years ago. This sequel took longer than Incredibles to make. Amazingly, the main star of the show Tom Cruise aka Maverick will be back and yes, he will still be riding bikes and flying planes!

M Pass

Despite the opening of cinemas, most of the newer shows are only slated to release on a later date. Nonethless, if you had missed some of the recent shows, you can now catch it on the big screen for only $5 per person!

Get an M Pass from Klook and you could choose any of the movies from the list above to watch.  M passes cost $20 for Klook members and $25 for the public. Each pass entitles you to 4 tickets which means it is as low as $5 per ticket (up $8.50) 

Each pass is valid for 3 months and you can use them at GV Vivocity, GV Suntec City or GV Plaza.

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