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0 Local community cases

There were no reports of community cases yesterday. It's a reprieve and a first for Phase 2. Nonetheless, other incidents such as the continued discovery of Covid19 cases in FW outside of dorms and the high Dengue cases around Singapore threatens the state of health in Singapore.

1) 249 New Cases
229 Dorms
15 Community (3 Work Passes, 12 Work Permit)
5 imported cases

The good news for today is that the numbers in dorms were not as high as anticipated and there are no SC or PR cases in the community. 

The bad news is that FW outside of dorms is increasingly becoming worrisome with the daily occurrence of new cases detected mainly through proactive testing. It is not speculative to conclude that the spread of Covid19 would have reached this group. 

Testing is necessary for those workers working in places that had confirmed Covid19 cases. It should also be necessary for their close contacts in other sectors. Given that the FW outside of dorms are not quarantine, the community would be at risk of exposure from this group.

2) Apple Store, Singapore pools outlets among places visited by Covid19 cases

Tat Fong Paint at 492 Geylang Road on July 1 between 9.30am and 10.10am

Cheng Chew Wah Agency (Singapore Pools authorised retailer) at 20 Frankel Terrace on July 1 between 5.10pm and 5.50pm

All India Supermart at 41 Norris Road on July 5 between 11.25am and 12pm

Tekka Centre at 665 Buffalo Road on July 5 between 12pm and 12.30pm, and again on July 8 between 6pm and 7.30pm

Apple Orchard Road at 270 Orchard Road on July 10 between 3.50pm and 4.20pm

Bugis+ mall at 201 Victoria Street on July 11 between 1.10pm and 1.40pm

3) Private Home Sales doubled
Reopening of show flats, low-interest rates cited as reasons for jump despite the threat of recession.

4) 1678 dengue cases last week
370 active clusters mostly in the East. A total of 17,249 people as being infected. Dengue is posing a higher risk for the local community than covid19.

5) Students Plead guilty of spitting over Bugis Junction Mall Railing. 
The offence by the 18-year-old was committed during Dorscon Orange.  With incidents like this, is it still justifiable to push election age to 18?

6) Redeveloped Marina Bay Floating Platform to have water sports centre, NS Themed gallery

Renovation scheduled to start on March 2022. So it means that NDP and River Ang Pow will need a new location.

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