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Election Week

We are in the final week leading up to Polling Day. 

This Friday, we will head to the polls to decide who governs Singapore. Given the magnitude of the event, Covid19 may take a back seat in the press. The chess game continues!

The Covid19 numbers heading towards Polling Day will be interesting. Usually, the numbers would hit a low on significant announcements ( End of Circuit Breaker, Phase 1, the announcement of GE, etc). If the trend continues, we might even see a sub 100 day leading to Friday!

1) 136 new cases
111 Dorms
18 Community (6 SC/PR/2 Wp/10 Work Permit Holders)
7 imported

While the headlines numbers are much lower, the community spread and imported cases races pass 20 cases reported.  As seen from previous weeks, Work Permit Holders living outside dorms continue to form bulk of the group. These are only picked up due to proactive tests or close contacts. Given the spread, it might be more prudent to mass test this group.

The imported cases also signalled another potential source of transmission. However, since those returning are issued SHN and mandatory testing, it will be contained for now.

2) Over 6600 fines issued for flouting Covid19 rules

That is a minimum of almost 2 million in fines

3) Attractions reopen over Singapore
Here is a peek at the Flower Dome

GE 2020
3) Pofma Office instructed to issue correction directions to CNA, TOC, NUSS and New Naratif

Even the national network is not spared. We are not Pofma yet, so we must be still publishing facts rather than 'fiction'.

4) Police Investigating WP candidate Raessah Khan for social media posts which allegedly promote enmity between different groups

The police reports were lodged at 450pm, she apologise alongside WP chief Pritam Singh and will cooperate with the police.


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