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Flower Dome Reopens with a Resilience European theme floral display

Flower Dome @ Gardens by the Bay reopens on 1 July. 

It will initially open to Friends of the Gardens on 1 July. Thereafter, it will be opened to General Public from 11 Jul onwards.

Please start your journey here

Please start your journey at Flower Dome

If you are planning to head there from 11 Jul onwards, here is a glimpse of what to expect.  Instead of moving freely at the Flower Dome, guests will now be directed to where to start exploring. 

You will start by heading towards The Succulent Gardens where you will venture into a dessert without the heat. We spotted some 'camels' grazing in the desert. 

Camels Chilling

Head to the highest point of the Flower Dome for a bird's eye view.

Birds Eye View

The theme for the reopening is a European themed floral display inspired by Resilence. Due to Covid19, there is a disruption in the supply chain of flowers. Thus, the usual specific theme held at this time of the year cannot be held.
Kissing in the Gardens

Instead, Gardens by the Bay showed resilience by taking a different approach by using plants grown in-house by their horticulturist to create a beautiful floral display to welcome guests back. Even, if it is not your usual theme, it still makes a pretty display.
European Inspired

On the Flower Fields are European inspired cottages.

European Houses

The flower bed is filled with popular flowers such as Foxgloves, Sunflowers, Larkspurs, Kangeroo Paw, Coleus and Pelargoniums.

These flowers are all grown indoors in Gardens by the Bay's own climate-controlled greenhouse, giving a nod to sustainability.

Standing tall in the middle of the field is a castle surrounded by a bed of Sunflowers.

Despite the challenges, the displays turned out to be a pretty backdrop and a potential  'hunting ground' for photo enthusiasts. 

There is even a European inspired pavilion for you to take group photos. Do note that if you are visiting, do keep to group of 5 as currently allowed under Phase 2.

Other than the Europen theme Floral Display, there's also the Edible Garden. This features vegetables and herbs grown for use in the kitchen.
Edible Garden

It is created to inspire, educate and create awareness on the need for food security. Anyone with a backyard can attempt to recreate the same for sustainability.

Choose for your vegs

If you are a Friend of the Gardens, we highly suggest you make a visit before the crowd returns. You can have the whole Flower Dome to yourself from now till 10 July before the door opens to the public.

It is a serene feeling to have a vast place mostly to yourself.

Even when the Flower Dome opens to public, the capacity will be capped at 25%. Ticketing will not be available on site. You can either book online or through the Gardens by the Bay app found on App Store or Google Play Store. 

Ticketing office closed

Booking will be open to the public closer to Jul 11. Friends of the Gardens can book your slots online. You will now check in using the app itself when you are there.
Check-in using App

For the moment, only Flower Dome and the outdoor gardens are opened. Cloud Forest, Supertree Grove, Supertree Observatory, Floral Fantasy remains close till further notice.

When you are at the Flower Dome, always wear a mask and stay safe!

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