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Daily Dose Lite With GE 2020 taking over the news wave, the rest of the updates in Singapore was rather muted. Not much news to report on both fronts if you take away the reports on the Political Boardcast. COVID19 1) 185 new cases 175 Dorms 9 community (4 SC, 3 Work PAss, 2 Work Permit) 1 Imported cases The community cases have 8 unlinked cases, They are picked up from essential services swab and proactive screening of individuals. 3 were picked up from the compulsory community testing of those diagnosed with ARI. Included is a Female in her eighties. 8 were unlinked. With the compulsory community testing, expect more to be picked up form these tests. The imported case shows that even with limited entry, the risks from overseas will always be there. Source: MOH GE 2020 2)Collectable GE2020 Merchandise 7 items worth collecting for this GE2020 Source: TWD 3) Aware Criticises PAP analogy to SDP population claims for being insensitive to domestic violence victims In a Facebook post on Saturday (July 4), the gender rights group said: “Many members of the public have reached out to us with their concerns about this PAP press release about Chee Soon Juan, which compares a statement of Chee's to an allegation that someone had beaten up their spouse. Source: Today

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