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GE 2020 Election Merchandise : 7 must Collect items

GE is hotting up. 

One more week to go for GE 2020. Before that date, you might want to check out these collectable GE 2020 merchandise online to get you in the mood for election.

Singapore Political Legends Chess Set 1980-2020

This is not a GE 2020 exclusive. Rather it is a chess set based on the prominent PAP and Opposition figures from 1980 to 2020.

If you are a fan of politics, this is a must-have. Hands down, the best collectable out there today.

You can get it from Singaporechess from Carousell
Each set retails for $550.

General Election Dice

This General Election Dice is not only useful for this election but for the future elections too. If you are undecided about who to vote for, rolling the dice takes on a literal meaning with this GE Dice.

Retails from $8.50

Get it from wemake @ Carousell

Hammer Neon Light

It's Hammer Time!
If you are a supporter of Worker's Party, you would want this for your parties!

Retails from $198

Political Party Car Decal

If you want something more low key and less permanent, a car decal would be good for the next week. There might be other parties logos available.

Official merchandise from WP

Want 'official' GE Collectables, WP is the only party that came up with a wide range of products for this upcoming GE. From caps, to umbrellas, to tote bags, to calenders and car flags, you can now get them from their online store.

Otical the Otter from PSP

Supporters of Progress Singapore Party can now get their hands on Singapore's unofficial national animal - Otical the Otter.

The Otter can get this limited edition collectable from PSP website.

Singapore Mask

Not a supporter of any party but a Singapore Supporter?

Show off your apolitical stance during polling day with these Singapore flags mask. You can proudly wear them on National day too!

This is a 3 layer cloth mask that comes with a pocket for an insert. There are a few designs to choose from.

Retails from $6.50


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