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Jobs Jobs Jobs

Today's recurring theme is on Jobs.

From the record high unemployment to company retrenching more locals than foreigners to the creation of new jobs in Singapore for mid-career job seekers, the main headline is Jobs.

While the immediate future may look bleak, there might be a silver lining to it all.

1) 334 new cases confirmed
327 Dorms
3 Community (2 SC, 1 Work Pass)
4 imported

The number of dorms cases continues. The good news is that many clusters had been close. The concern here is the daily imported cases. It would be good to know the % of travellers that are infected. That way, it will gauge if the country is ready to open up. Looking at the current situation, it may be too early to suggest holiday travels due to Covid19.

2) Retrenchments double in Q2, Resident unemployment rate rises to 3.9%
The worst-hit is Singapore citizens with unemployment at 4%. It is an anomaly where more locals are unemployed compared to foreigners. 

3) Eagle Services Asia plans to axe more Singaporeans than foreigners before union steps in.

Although the number had been reduced, 44% of those axed are Singapore workers! 

4) Mid Career job seekers can apply for 13,000 work attachments from Aug 1

These will pay a monthly training allowance of $1400 to $3000

5) Man removes mask to cough at Crowd Controller

Covid19 unearth the simmering rage of local residents.

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