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Flower Dome Permanent Gardens @ Gardens By the Bay

How many times have you been to the Flower Dome?

You probably would have visited Flower Dome @ Gardens by the Bay for a few times by now.

The seasonal Flower Field attraction is a crowd puller. From Tulipmania to Sakura Season to Chinese New Year, many would flock back to the Gardens to soak in the atmosphere.  

While the displays at the Flower field are ever-changing, do you know that there 9 gardens with  8 permanent Flower Display in the Flower Dome?

Not surprising as it is listed as the largest glass greenhouse in the world in 2015 Guinness World Records,

To start your journey, we recommend you to take a right turn the moment you enter the Flower Dome. This will bring you to the largest Permanent Garden Zones - The Succulent Garden and The Baobabs.

1 Succulent Garden
A walk up to the Succulent Garden will bring you face to face with a secret display - Aloes in Wonderland.

Aloes in Wonderland

Featuring characters from Alice in Wonderland, this display takes up the stretch on your hand on the way up to The BoaBabs.

If you are one of those who head straight to the Flower Field, you probably would not know this portion exist as it is not listed on The Gardens By the Bay page even though it had been around for years.

Pass the displays, and you would reach the Succulent Garden. It feels like stepping into the desert minus the heat! 

Here would you will find large succulents belonging to families such as Cacti, Aloes and Crassulas. 
Century Plant of Maguey
Look out for the Century Plant of Maguey. Do you know that these plants would flower once and then die?

As you head to the highest point of the Flower Dome, we suggest that you take the route at the back to catch a glimpse of the impressive Singapore Flyer through the dome facade.

Once you reached the top, you will be greeted by a massive dragon overseeing the Flower Field Below. 
The Dragon is one of the many sculptures you can find around the Flower Dome. This is also the place where you can get a dragon eye view of the Flower Dome and the imposing Marina Bay Sands from afar.

Dragon @ Flower Dome

2 The Baobabs

The Baobabs is located next to the Succulent Garden. 

It is flanked by African BaoBas and Drunken Tree or Palo Borracho. There is a camel display representing it's middle east heritage.
Mini Rock Formation @ Flower Dome

Look out for the succulent displays and spot a mini rock formation that is like the ones you would find in limestone caves.

Next head down the ramp to continue your discovery of The Flower Dome.

3 Australian Garden
Australian Garden
Just down the ramp is the Australian garden.

Queensland Bottle Trees

Here you will be greeted with Queensland Bottle tree native to Queensland. It is a unique shape tree with dramatic trunks. 

You would also be able to see sculptures related to the Aborigines and wildlife of Australia.

4 South American Garden

The entrance to the South American Garden is flank by statues inspired by the Easter Island statues.

Easter Island-Inspired Statues

Inside the garden, you would find what Charles Darwin described as a 'very ugly tree', the Chilean Win Palm also known as the 'Incredible Hulk' due to its massive girth and height.

Chilean Wine Palm - Incredible Hulk

5 South African Garden
South African Garden 

The South African Garden has a sea of colourful flowers, evergreen shrubs, succulents and bulbs.

Wooden Deers

However, it is the Wildlife and Native artworks that caught our eyes.

Look out for the various South African inspired artworks along this stretch.

6 Mediterranean Garden
Mediterranean Garden

The Mediterranean Garden has a beautiful canopy entrance that would lead you to olives, figs, grapes, wheat and lentils.

It's the perfect setting for a date with Date Palms adding to the charm.

7 California Garden

Tuck away in the corner is the California Garden. Due to the location, it would most likely be missed out by most visitors.  You would have to climb the stairs to reach the garden. A beautiful sitting area would greet you when you are there in this little secret garden.

8 Olive Grove
La Famille De Voyageurs

Along the path right before the Flower Field is the Olive Grove. Here, olives, figs, grapes, pomegranate line up the trail. The sculptures found along this stretch is so enchanting that it took away our attention from the ancient Olive Tree. The most impressive would be La Famille De Voyageurs which depicts a family visit the gardens before heading home. Brun Catalano's work is both enchanting and eerie as the bodies of the family seemingly disappear before your very eyes!

Winnie the Pooh

Other cute installations include Winnie the Pooh and a boy and an umbrella.
Boy with Umbrella

It is a short stretch but an interesting one.
Walk in the Park

If you want a bite, Fennel cafe located in the Flower Dome looks like an enchanting spot for a cup of tea.

Fennel Cafe

9 Flower Field

The last garden you will find at the Flower Dome is the Flower Field.  Unlike the rest of the gardens, the floral display on the Flower Field would change every few months. 

The changing Flower Display makes it the perfect reason for you to visit the Flower Dome for multiple occasions every year! 

 The Flower Dome is once again opened to the public after a hiatus due to Circuit Breaker (Covid19). To visit the Flower Dome, tickets would have to be purchased online. 

For the moment, other attractions such as  Supertree Grove and Floral Fantasy are still close. The Cloud Forest will open from Jul 30.


National Day Promotions

For a limited time (Aug 3-31). Singapore Residents can purchase a 2-Conservatory (Flower Dome + Cloud Forest) admission ticket and enjoy unlimited visits to the conservatories with unlimited rides on the Shuttle Service till 7 Feb 2021!

Prices starts from $12 for child tickets.

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