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I Do?

Daily Dose: I Do

Getting married does not necessarily mean forever judging by the divorce rate in Singapore. 

Almost 1 in every 3 marriage ends up in divorce according to 2019 stats. Given the Covid19 situation where couples are forced to stay at home 24/7 together coupled with the marriage deferment for the year, this could be worse for 2020.

1) 359 New Cases
356 Dorms 
1 Community (Work Pass)
2 Imported cases 

The number of cases in the community is encouraging. For the past 5 days, there is only 1 Singaporean on the list. Today is another day without a Singaporean reported. While the same cannot be said of the dorms, with the dorms expected to clear up by a month or so, we might be lucky enough to report single-digit cases by October.

However, as seen in other neighbouring countries, this could easily be derail. The low numbers are due to vigilant efforts such as face mask and social distancing. Let's keep it this way.

2) Tours in Singapore can take up to 50 people
The challenge would be finding people to take the tour up. With tourists still ban from entry, it will be up to the local market to fill the gap.

3) Serial Cheat jailed 3.5 years for scamming 7 face mask buyers of $41000

Thankfully, such cases should be minimum now considering that you could get masks for as low as $9.90 per box

4) Phase 2B sees 24 schools up for balloting

Every school is a good school?

5) The number of marriages registered continues to decline, more couples divorced in 2019.

25434 marriages, 7623 divorced or annulled marriages in 2019

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