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Just 1 More Day

The candidates have one day or to be more precise less than 15 hours to make their case. 

At the stroke of midnight, it will be the cooling day where campaigning has to stop. This would also be the last entry for GE2020 campaigning on our daily dose. Franky, we are glad to see it coming to an end given the spectacle it had become.

Before we head to cooling day, one thing does not pause and that is the spread of Covid19 in Singapore.

1) 157 cases confirmed
134 Dorms
20 Community (12 SC/PR, 3 Work Pass, 5 Work Permit)
3 imported

While the numbers in the dorms appear to be dropping, the same cannot be said of that in the community, 12 SC/PR marks the highest count for the community since Circuit breaker.

The majority of cases from Work Permit / Work Pass are unlinked and are picked up from proactive testing.

Imported cases continue to rise as people return to Singapore as restrictions on borders are lifted

2) 4 students and 1 teacher from different schools have tested positive.
The students are from the following schools
-Bedok View Secondary School
-East Spring Primary School
-Jurong West Primary School 
-Jurong West Secondary School 

The teacher is from Assumption Pathway School 
All are linked to existing cases. The students had been to school last week. The primary school students tested positive would raise the question if the test should be conducted on primary school kids. Given that the swab test is an invasive and uncomfortable procedure especially for younger kids, there might be an immediate need to seek other alternative tests (such as saliva test) for this group.

60 students and 10 staff from the affected group were issued 14 days leave of absence.

3) 9 more locations added to the ist of places visited by Covdi19 cases while infectious.

Do take note if you have been to the following locations

  • Jurong Lake Gardens Gym ActiveSG (30 Yuan Ching Road)
  • Ban Kah Hiang Trading (107 Jalan Bukit Merah)
  • Tampines Mall (4 Tampines Central 5) 
  • StarHub
  • Cheng Hoo Thian Restaurant OSL (34 Whampoa West)
  • Great World City (1 Kim Seng Promenade)
  • Cold Storage
  • Meidi-ya Supermarket
  • Food Junction
  • Mustafa Centre (145 Syed Alwi Road)
  • Jurong Point (1 Jurong West Central 2)
  • FairPrice Hub (1 Joo Koon Circle)
  • JEM (50 Jurong Gateway Road)
  • Canton Paradise
  • Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

4) WHO acknowledges evidence emerging of airborne spread of Covid19

The possibility of airborne transmission in public settings - especially in very specific conditions, crowded, closed, poorly ventilated settings that have been described, cannot be ruled out," she said.

GE 2020
1) Reform Party candidate failed to turn up for political broadcast

RP Kumar Appavoo did not turn up to record constituency broadcast. No specific reason was given. This move questioned Reform Party involvement in the election after a similar move during the GRC broadcast

2) Police report made against DPM Heng for remarks on non-Chinese.

ACG says no offence committed. This is probably a tit for tat move. Sadly, such incidents only debase the election proceeding.

3) 5 Key Battlegrounds

What to look out for on Polling Day
  • Aljunied GRC - WP will look to retain its seats
  • SengKang GRC - Rising Star Jamus had the light dim by his compatriot allegations of racist.  Will SK GRC still be competitive?
  • West Coast GRC - How would ex PAP Dr Tan and his team face off against the incumbent helmed by 2 ministers?

  • Hougang SMC- Will WP hold on to its traditional stronghold?
  • Bukit Panjang SMC - Who would hold the ground

In addition to these key contests, there are also a few others that might throw a surprise

  • Bukti Batok SMC - Fireworks had begun since nomination day with allegations of scurrilous attacks. 
  • Potong Pasir SMC - SPP hopes for a revival with a new candidate in the ward 

Regardless of party allegiance, we do hope that the nation will vote with this in mind.
Vote not for the colour of the shirt, but the colour of the heart.

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