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Lego Brick Sketches : Art for your desk or wall

This latest creation from LEGO will make a good display on your desks.

Lego launched LEGO sketches. Unlike the traditional LEGO bricks that are meant to be played, these LEGO sketches are more suitable for display.

Featuring portraits of Iconic characters from DC and Star Wars, the first batch features Batman, Joker, First Order Stormtrooper and BB8. Each set comes with a 12 x16 baseplate to build your portrait. You can choose to display standing by or hung by its build-in hook on the wall. Each product measures 13cm high, 8cm wide and 3 cm deep.

Here are the final products

The Joker
First Order StormTrooper


The Lego Sketches are perfect for those looking to decorate their rooms with LEGO memorabilia. It would a good addition to any kids room!

Each set is retailing at $32.90 and you could find them in major department stores or LEGO specialised stores.


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