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One Hour Florist Reviews

You do not need a reason to give flowers.

Sometimes when romance is in the air, spontaneous acts like giving flowers would be refreshing. For other times, a quick apology could be made with flowers. Occasionally, it could be a surprise gift to let the recipient know that she is on your mind.

If you are the kind that does spur-of-the-moment acts, you will be glad that One Hour Florist exists.

Flowers from One Hour Florist

One Hour Florist promises to match your spontaneity with flowers delivered within 1 hour *. The flowers available are as unpredictable as your uninhibited passion.

Source: One Hour Florist

There are 4 types of flowers you could choose from. The Premium Surprise Bloom Box, Premium Suprise Hand Bouquet, Premium Surprise Heart Box and Surprised Preserved Flower Dome.

Comes with free card

As the names of the items suggest, each order is a surprise. The final outcome will be base on your inputs such as the age of the recipient, relationship with the recipient , occasions and word to describe him or her. In the end, you will get a bespoke bouquet that is ideal for your  recipient.

Bespoke arrangement

We chose The Premium Surprise Bouquets. It comes with 6 dazzling red roses and 6 other flowers. With an assortment of flower fillers and greens, the combination is a beautiful delight.

You can also add a special message with the complimentary card that comes with it.

If you feel your impulse taking over you, hop down to One Hour Florist to order your surprise flowers!

*For the moment, due to Covid19 situation, do allow an additional 1 hour for delivery due to driver screening at delivery and shop locations.

TWD received a surprise bouquet for the purpose of this review. All opinions are of our own.

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