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Cooling Day

It's 24 °C right now. 

It's a rather cooling day for Singapore. Today is also the day where talks on what is going to happen tomorrow would be restricted. 

The past week had seen friends and families turn against each other, a slew of police reports made over past comments online and a Polish who insist on giving his 2 cents worth to local affairs even if he is 9518km away.  It had not been a pleasant week for the neutrals. 

On a positive note, it's going to be over soon.

Back to the virus that started this whole charade.

1) 158 cases confirmed
146 Dorms
9 Community Cases (4 SC/PR, 2 Work Pass, 3 Work Permit)
3 Imported Cases

From double-digit, the number of community cases has fallen below 10. Would this trend continue and we see a report of 100 cases and below in the next 2 days?

Given how we had lower numbers on 'special' occasions, we might get a pleasant surprise.

2) New Cluster added to the list
Even though the numbers in dorms have fallen and the number of dorms cleared, there are still new clusters popping up every once in a while. A new cluster at a dorm on 12 Kian Tech Crescent is added to the list

3) 384 more foreign worker dorms cleared of COVID 19

AS of Monday, 180,000 workers had either recovered or has been tested to be free of COVID19. This doubles the numbers of workers cleared a week ago at around 87,000. The total number of dorms cleared were 625 dorms.

Interesting, they took 2 months + to clear 87,000 and only 1 week to double it. At this rate, we could be cleared by next week!

4) Sportslink Goes out of business
Homegrown Sportslink with roots in Queensway Shopping Center has closed.

5) COE July 1st Bidding - COE Increase across all categories

Given the pend up demand over the past 3 months due to CB, the results are not surprising.

Highest rise is from Cat B. Up $5877 to $35,889

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