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Changi Lounge Opens to Public from $12. Comes with Welcome Snack and Drinks too!

You are looking for a place to do some quick work. 

Working from home need not necessarily be confined to the 4 walls of your home. Sometimes, you need a quiet place to work and being at home might not be the most ideal situation with kids at home. You could head to the void deck, but that is not precisely the place you would like to be to complete your proposal for the million-dollar deals.

The next best thing you could do... Head to Changi Lounge @ Jewel.

Source: Changi Lobby

Changi Lounge is located at Jewel Changi Airport. It will open its doors to the public from August 3rd. Certified SG Clean by Singapore Tourism Board,  you can now enjoy the lounge and business facilities at up to 60% discount (Limited time promo). Book for 4 hours and you get free parking too!

With safe Distancing and the cosiness of the lounge, it will be a tranquil space to get the job done. Alternatively, it would also make a pitstop for your shopping at Jewel.

Source: Changi Lobby

Cost for accessing the lounge is as follows
2 Hours: $12 
Extension Hours: $4
4 Hours - Free Parking 

Each Lounge booking comes with a drink and a welcome snack. It's like popping into Starbucks except this is more exclusive and private.

Source: Changi Lobby

If you need something more private, you can opt for the meeting room.
Rates as follows

Single Room (up to 4 pax) $600 per hour
Double Room ( Up to 9 Pax) $120 for 1 hour
Extension per room $20 per hour

You would need to make a reservation before a visit. Customers below the age of 18 would need to be accompanied by an adult.

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