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A New Dawn

Daily Dose: A New Dawn

The testing of the dorms is expected to end in a week or so. It could even end as early as National Day.

With that said, it will hopefully mark the end of daily hundred of cases reported for Covid19.  It will make a befitting present to the Nation once this passes us. The worse may be over for this tiny red dot!

1)295 new Covid19 cases

286 Dorms
2 Community (1 SC, 1 Wp)
7 Imported cases (2 PR, 2 Work {ass, 2 Dependant Pass, 1 Student Pass)

While the community cases look to be in control. The imported cases are increasing. All 7 imported cases are from India, and this includes Student pass and Dependant Pass holders. This is a worrying trend as the majority of the cases imported are from the world's 3rd most infected country. There should be a review on returnees to restrict it to SC/PR, and essential Work Passes to limit the potential surge in cases from this source.

2) 89% of migrant workers at dorms cleared of Covid19

On a  more positive note, 89% of the migrant workers are now cleared of Covid19. About 273,000 workers or about 89 per cent of the migrant workers staying in dormitories have either recovered or have been tested to be free from Covid-19 as of Monday (Aug 3).

This meant that there are only 33700 + cases to be tested. At the rate that Singapore is testing, it could be completed by National Day. That would be a big present to Singapore as the daily hundred plus numbers are beginning to fatigue.

3) Nursing Home License revoked after repeated non-compliance with measure including those related to Covid19

A nursing home in Telok Kurau had its licence revoked after failing to comply with licensing requirements, including those related to COVID-19 safety, the Ministry of Health said on Tuesday (Aug 4). 

The Thian Leng Old Folks Home "has a history of repeated non-compliance with licensing requirements", said the ministry in a statement, adding that it had noted areas of non-compliance since May 2019, resulting in closer monitoring of the home. 

4) MediaCorp to broadcast National Day Proceedings and other programmes to mark Singapore's 55th birthday

It will telecast the National Day Message at 10am on Sunday on television, radio and other platforms. The message will be delivered in Singapore's four official languages by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and other Cabinet ministers.

5) Singapore's Code of conduct for pedestrians kicks in.

On your left!
Nope, this is not Captain America speaking, rather Singapore has a new code of conduct for pedestrians, and one of the main rules is to keep to the left when walking.

6) AirAsia to resume Malaysia-Singapore Flights following Green Lane Decision

Do note that the borders are only open for essential business and official visit. Tourism will still have to wait.

7) McDonald's celebrate Doraemon 50th anniversary with Happy Meal Collaboration from Aug.

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