Bloom Box Surprise from Farm Florist


Looking to surprise your love ones?

With many still working for home despite this being Phase 2, staying at home for work can be quite monotonous. To liven things up every once a while, you could consider sending flowers to your loved one who is hard at work at home.

While sending bouquet is nice, you would probably want to send flowers that she can put on her desk. That is where the Bloom Box from Farm Florist comes to the rescue.

This unique presentation is a cool creation away from the standard bouquets. With the Bloom Box, you can now display the flowers proudly on the desk. We had the Surprise Roses Bloom Box with six roses ($65) send to us. 

It was a colourful sight with the red and pink flowers complimenting the assorted flower fillers. The bloom boxes are available from $30 onward. There are various styles of bloom boxes and you could get them in different floral combination.

A Bloom Box will make a good surprise and give cheer to a monotonous day. We are sure your missus would approve!

TWD was provided a Bloom Box for the purpose of the review. All opinions are of our own.

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