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Are you a Free-Rider?

 Daily Dose:  Are you a free-rider?

According to the Cambridge dictionary, a free rider is a person that gets an advantage without paying or earning for it.  During yesterday's parliament, this word was used by PM Lee to describe voters who voted against the government because "someone else will look after getting the PAP government, you just become a free rider."

This is meant to describe voters who voted tactically instead of their true the intention which in this case meant wanting a PAP govt,

However, the choice of word was controversial and became a talking point from the parliament.

1) 49 New cases confirmed

  1. Dorms : 43 ( 14 Quarantine, 29 Surveillance)
  2. Community Cases : 3 (1 SC, 1 WP, 1 Work Permit)
  3. Imported Cases 3 ( 1 Work Pass, 1 Work Permit)

The dorms cases continue to escalate. There are now more cases from surveillance than those in quarantine. This would effectively lead to more quarantine as a measure to ring-fence the source. While there were high hopes that it will be eradicated with the clearing of dorms last month, this trend seems like it will take much longer to disappear.

The 3 community cases are all unlinked. 2 were picked up from surveillance. Interesting there were a couple of school-going kids that were positive a few days ago. No updates were provided on the schools they attend and if any of the students/staff are quarantine.

The 3 imported cases are from Philippines, India and Indonesia. Ironically, they are the same countries that Malaysia had banned from entry for Long Term Pass and PR.

Source: MOH

2) 3 new clusters in dorms

3 new clusters are reported in dorms

  • 6 cases at Changi Lodge II
  • 7 cases at North Coast Lodge
  • 7 cases at Toh Guan Dorm.

At this rate, dorms lockdowns cannot be ruled out.

Source: MOH

3) Spore, South Korea Launch fast lance for essential business, official travel.

Lanes will be open from Sep 4.

Source: Today

4) Sentosa Skyline Luge, Universal Studios and Orchard Road malls among places visited by Covid19 during the infectious period

Do take note especially if you are heading for a Staycation during sep term break.

Source: CNA

5) State court apologises after man served 2 extra days in jail due to the officer's error

Teo was sentenced to seven weeks' jail and a fine of S$500, with an extra three days' imprisonment if he failed to pay the fine. He was also banned from driving for two years.

Teo appealed against his conviction, but this was dismissed and he started serving his sentence on Jul 20. 

That same day, the fine was paid at the High Court, which notified the State Courts of the payment that day, said the State Courts in a media statement on Wednesday (Sep 2).

It is not stated if the fine was refunded since he had served his sentence.

Source: CNA

6)PM Lee, Pritam Singh cross swords over' free rider' election tactics

In a charged debate on Wednesday (Sept 2), Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong crossed swords with Leader of the Opposition Pritam Singh on the issue of encouraging Singaporeans to vote for the opposition, with the assurance that the People's Action Party would still form the government of the day.

Any political party that does so is a "free rider" and this tactic will eventually, result in the system failing, PM Lee said.

Source ST

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