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Hobbies You Can Share with Your Kids

Having kids is a real blessing for you and your partner, and yet a huge responsibility. 

Apart from constant care, proper education, financial burden, and a big dose of stress, there is a beautiful opportunity for you to guide a little human through the world and show what’s the most beautiful on it.  

Becoming a parent gives you the ability to shape your kids’ views, character, passions, and skills. The younger the child is, the better for you to start stimulating their brain through various activities, which will significantly improve their development. Especially now, in the digital era, you should put some effort into preventing your beloved ones from turning into internet addicts.

The Importance of Hobbies

Children benefit from hobbies in many ways because they can, for instance, express themselves, discover their real interests, and build up self-esteem, not to mention the problem-solving skills, ability to think independently, socialize with others, and achieve goals.


Even if your child discovered a hobby that’s totally not your piece of cake, do not dissuade them from it. Showing your acceptance and support is very important because thanks to that, children can fully get absorbed in what makes them happy and develop their passion before your very eyes.


And the best you can do is joining them! Sharing passions with your kids is an excellent bonding experience that teaches you both many important values. If you don’t know how to start, we can give you a hand. Below, you can find a list of hobbies you can practice together with your children.


Connect With Nature

Living in harmony with the environment is something every parent should teach their kids. It’s essential to pass this attitude to younger generations and underline the importance of respect and proper care of mother nature. There are many fun ways to do that, which can help your kid develop both physically and mentally.


Track The Weather Together

Tracking the weather fluctuations can be an engaging activity for your child. Especially now, during climate change and the unpredictable nature, monitoring the data may turn into a fun experience for both of you. Consider weather station for your home and teach your kid how to be one step ahead from the storm.


Inspect Insects and Flowers

Kids are curious about everything dynamic, colourful, interactive, and unknown. Show them the little critters crawling around, follow butterflies in the garden, talk about hard-working ants, and the importance of the bees in the environment. Play the colour game each time you see flowers and simply let them connect with nature.


Visit the Forest Kingdom

Taking your kids to the forest walks can be an excellent opportunity to learn about wild animal species. Follow their tracks, play “who made the sound” game, identify fungi and kinds of trees, and build up respect to the environment.

You can find forest boardwalks, coastal walks, natural reserves, wetlands all around this island to explore.


Share Sports Passion

It’s essential to develop the mind but also to sharpen physical skills. Prove your kid that playing with the ball in the garden is much funnier than sticking to the monitor screen with video games all day long. If you do sports, try to encourage your child to join you, but make it healthy, well-spent quality time, not a “who is better” competition.

It’s great to share sports interests you already have with the young one; however, you need to remember not to push. Parents often assume that kids will get along with the passion they have been practising when they were younger. That’s a wrong attitude.

Show your child your sports passion and the big entertainment you have from it, but do not ever push them to do something they don’t enjoy. Many parents force children to fulfil their sick ambitions. It’s not a failure if your son doesn’t like football; it’s also nothing wrong if your daughter is not interested in ballet. You should let them explore and choose their favourite sport on their own and stay supportive no matter what.


Build up Creative Mind

According to https://parenting.firstcry.com, “Arts and crafts hobbies can be a wonderful way of fuelling a child’s imagination and giving a healthy channel to his creativity through fun activities.” Following this track, you can prepare excellent conditions for your kid to develop their artistic skills and step outside of the box.



You don’t need to invest in cloth and brush to boost your kids’ imagination. Take some old sheets to the garden and let your children speak their minds through the art. Make hand- and footprints, play with abstract shapes, and teach them the freedom of expression.


The Bottom Line

The hobbies listed above are just suggestions; the important thing is to let your children find their way. Sure, you can guide them with this hard task by sharing cooking skills, winter sports hobbies, origami making, or whatever you like and feel good at. However, no matter their choice, stay supportive and help them develop their first passion. Who knows, maybe it will turn into something great in the future?

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