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Heartland Celebration

Daily Dose: Heartland Celebration

This year's NDP heads to the heartlands. Instead of one venue, the celebration is spread throughout Singapore. There were red lions in the heartland, mobile column rolling through several estates with 5 different routes totalling 200km, flag flypasts throughout the island, the roar of fighter jets crisis crossing the country and fireworks in not one but 10 different location.

A celebration like no other. It brought Singaporeans to the streets to wave our flags. We may not have the biggest celebration this year, but we reckon this is probably the one with the biggest participants from Singapore.

1) 175 new cases

  • 171 Dorms
  • 3 imported (1 SC, 2 WP)
  • 1 community case (SC)

The testing in dorms was completed but there are still results being processed. Officially the are currently 23,500 workers serving isolation at quarantine facilities. They will be tested when isolation ends. Expect counts to remain high in the coming days and tapering down thereafter.

The one community case is unlinked. She was tested after she sought treatment for acute respiratory infection.  This shows that unknown cases are still out there, so we must continue to stay vigilant

Source: MOH

2) Fireworks light Singapore Skies, mobile column rumbles through heartlands as the nation celebrate 55th birthday

No large scale parade, but it was a celebration that can be enjoyed by all.

Source: Today

3) Some tourist attractions find it hard to woo locals, others unable to meet demand

Of the five local tourist attractions, TODAY visited several times over the past few weeks, the Singapore Flyer, Singapore Cable Car and Flight Experience were able to draw a steady stream of customers, while Trick Eye Museum and Madame Tussauds was quieter in comparison.

The trick to this is experience. Trick Eye and Madame Tussauds offer a one-off experience that does not give added incentives to a revisit. To survive on local demand, it needs to rejuvenate.

Source: Today

4) NS Square to replace the Float @ Marina Bay by 2025

Here is a first look

Source: TWD

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