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National Day Celebration : 5 Best Moments

 It was a celebration like no other.

Instead of celebrating the nation's birthday in one venue,  it was spread out all across this tiny red dot. Unlike the previous years where one could only immerse in National Day only if they have a ticket to the parade, the parade came to the heartlands and made in a more inclusive celebration. 

Here are the top 5 moments of the National Day Celebrations.

1) Red Lions in the Heartland

This is the first time Red Lions dropped to the heartlands. There are 2 landing sites. Ng Teng Fong GH and Sengkang GH

2) Mobile Column in the Heartlands

With 5 heartland routes spanning 200km all over Singapore, you probably could catch a glimpse of it at your doorsteps. The mobile columns brought Singaporeans out on the streets with flags waving and cheers ready. It was a sight to see crowds getting up close with the big machinery on a regular road.

 Tanks were not the only vehicle spotted at the mobile column.

Source: Tong Chen Hao

3) Maritime Sailpast

13 Vessels Sailing in the waters of Singapore with the iconic Marina bay Skyline as the backdrop. An impressive sight

4) State Flypast & Roar of Unity

The State Flypast took 2 routes to cover the circumference of Singapore. 

For many, it was the first time seeing it so close to their homes.

While the Roar of Unity made hospital and heartland passes throughout the island

5) Fireworks around the Island

Last but not least are the fireworks around the island. There were 10 fireworks to be seen around the island.

To give a sense of how small this little red dot is, you can spot at least 5 fireworks from Dawson Skyvillve alone!

 While there was no mega event in one location due to the pandemic, this widespread celebration was given the thumbs up by Singaporeans. Many felt that it was more inclusive than compared to past NDP. It showed that Singaporeans do not need grand gestures to honour the nation.

We do hope this format can continue regardless of what happened in 2021. We had initial doubts about celebrating amid a pandemic. After yesterdays, our tune had changed. It was a celebration that the nation needs—a rallying call to stay united against an invisible enemy.

Majulah Singapore!

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