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NDP 2020 Mobile Column @ Heartlands : East Coast Park

The tanks rolled into the heartlands on National Day.

While the notion of tanks on our regular streets may be sound daunting, yesterday's mobile column was anything but that. Rather, it is a day for citizens in Singapore to take pride in what we have and using this symbolic event to celebrate our nation's birthday.  With Singaporeans pouring on the streets with flags waving and cheering in support, if one were to see it any other way, there is really nothing much to say about delusions or the need to be controversial just to get views . 

For those who missed it, this year's NDP Mobile Column heads to the heartlands with 5 different routes spanning over 200km. We managed to catch it in action. You can watch the mobile column rumbling through the Peranakan houses of East Coast Road here.

Here are the assets that tour the South Eastern Route

SAF Leopard 2SG Main Battle Tank

SAF Bionix Infantry Fighting Vehicle

SAF Light Strike Vehicle Mark II (SPIKE variant)

SAF Terrex Infantry Carrier Vehicle

SAF 5 Ton Man Truck

SAF Peacekeeper Protected Response Vehicle

SAF Ford Everest

SPF Next-Generation Fast Response Car

SPF Emergency Response Team Vehicle

SCDF 6th Gen Ambulance

SCDF 5th Generation Pump Ladder

RSAF SUrface to air PYthon-5 and DERby (SPYDER) Air Defence System

SPF Bikes


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