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Back to Reality

Daily Dose: Back to reality
It is back to reality after a wonderful NDP 2020. Concerns were raised about the crowds but given the activities and the number of community cases reported, it would be hard to suppress Nationalistic fervour.

On the job front, SIA has 6000 staff members taking no-pay leave. For Covid19, the number of imported cases continue to surpass community cases.

1) 188 new cases
  • 175 Dorms
  • 1 Community
  • 12 Imported cases ( 4SC/PR, 1 Work Pass, 4 Work Permit, 3 Dependant Pass)

The Dorms numbers are mostly from the 23,300 workers serving quarantine period Once this is cleared, the numbers should tamper down.

The imported cases are from India, Bangladesh and the Philippines. India added over 50K cases in one day, Bangladesh approximately 3K and the Philippines at 7K. The countries listed have higher infection rates than Singapore even with dorms cases included.

The current process of entry is base on a health declaration and subsequent approval.  Given the high rate of infections in high-risk countries, the requirements might need to be reassessed to take into account the risks. This should be applicable to long term passes and dependents.  Additionally, more details should be provided on the rate of infection.

2) Crowds gather at various activity hot spots despite appeals for people to celebrate at home

-Sizeable crowds were observed at various locations near National Day activities
-Some in the crowd made an effort to observe safe distancing
-Others were seen in groups larger than five, not observing 1m distance

Can you blame them?

3)  More than  6000 SIA Group Staff members have taken no pay leave since March

This accounts for more than a fifth of the 27,000 staff members under SIA Group, which includes SIA, regional wing SilkAir and budget carrier Scoot.

4) National Day Celebration
We look at the 5 Best Moments of NDP 2020

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