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McDonald's Happy Meal Toy : Sep 2020 Minions Collectibles + Special Treat



The minions are back at McDonald's!

September Happy Meal Toys will feature the largest ever collection of Minion Happy Meal Collectables featuring a line-up of 35 different designs to collect. You can start collecting from 4 Sep to 7 October.

There will be 7 different designs to collect every week with a GOLDEN TWIN for each design!

Image Credit: McDonald's Singapore

Week 1:4-9 Sep 

Week 2: 10-15 Sep

Week 3: 17-23 Sep

Week 4: 24-30 Sep

Week 5: 1-7 Oct

Each toy will be packaged in opaque capsules so you would not know what's inside until you open the capsule. Your favourite Minions including Kevin, Stuart, Bob, Mel, Phil and Dave will be waiting for you in the capsules with every Happy Meal Purchase.

You can also bring the minions to life by scanning the smile on the Happy Meal Box

To do this, simply

  1. Download the Happy Meal App in the App Store / Google Play
  2. Access the scan-the-smile function in the Happy Meal App
  3. Scan-the-smile on our Happy Meal box to activate the Minions-themed augmented reality family experience. There are a total of 5 variations, so each scan will offer you a brand new experience!

In line with the Minion theme, there are more treats in store with a fun array of offerings including the brand new Smoky Nacho Cheese Sauce, Yuzu Cream Cheese Pie and Melon Waffle Cone.

Here are some special treats

Chicken Nuggets (9 pieces) a la carte will be available for $5 (up $6.35)

Image Credit: McDonald's Singapore

Smoky Nacho Cheese Sauce Dip with every purchase of Chicken Nuggets and Happy Sharing Box

Image Credit: McDonald's Singapore

Minion Potatoes $2 for 6 Pieces

Image Credit: McDonald's Singapore

Melon Waffle Cone $2

Image Credit: McDonald's Singapore

Yuzu Cream Cheese Pie $1.5

Image Credit: McDonald's Singapore

Want more?

Smoky Nacho Cheese Sauce Bottle ( $5.50)
You can get a bottle of Smoky Nacho Cheese Sauce Bottle for $5.50 with every purchase of Chicken Nuggets or Happy Sharing Box. It's available at all restaurants while stocks last ( Avaliable from 17 Sep)

Delivery Deals
The fun does not stop here!
Deliver fun to your home with delivery exclusive bundles. 

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