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Welcome to a brand new month!

The debate on Singaporeans first at the workplace continues. Amid the backdrop of putting Singapore into consideration first, there was a hoo-ha on Singaporeans are not hungry for jobs. 

While the expectation is that Singaporeans should take on the first job available, the reality is that each worker, Singaporean or otherwise has a right to choose.  It is about coming to a middle ground. Providing the right job for the right candidate, not any job for everyone or specific roles reserve for certain nationalities.

1 ) 41 New Covid 19 Cases 

  • 31  Dorms ( 16 Quarantine, 15 Surveillance)
  • 3 Community (1 WP, 2 Work Permit)
  • 7 Imported cases (6SC/PR, 1 Work Permit)

Dorms cases are still coming in with 15 surveillance cases. Surveillance cases have 2 implications. One is that the closure of dorms cases a few weeks ago may be premature. The second implication is that it would mean that quarantine is necessary for close contacts living in dorms, creating a cycle of never-ending quarantine.

The community cases are all unlinked and the result of testing workers in construction, marina and process sector outside of dorms. 

Imported cases continue to come from India which had a record of 77K infection in a day. One sole import is from Malaysia.

Source: MOH

2) 90 people at Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home at Silat Ave negative for Covid19 after former employee tests positive in the Philippines

She was tested positive 4 days after her last day at work,

Source: CNA

3) Bar and 2 Restaurants fined, ordered to close for breaching Covid19 measures.

"Sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages was observed after 10.30pm, with the beverages transferred into teapots and empty green tea bottles before being served to avoid detection,"

This is a hotpot restaurant . not a bar...

Source: CNA

4) MP called for firms to be more transparent on foreign hiring, making a push to prioritise Singaporeans.

This is a running theme for the opening of Parliament yesterday. The public perception has been fueling the debate. Despite reports that indicate otherwise, the overall concession was that the problem does exist in certain sectors. 

Source: CNA

4) Sporean SME employer describes interviewing 7 job applicants as 'not hungry for jobs'

Expectation vs Reality

Despite the impression of not being 'hungry for the job' , there are also debates on if the company is looking for 'Ai Pi Ai Qi'  - wanting to get good help at cheap prices.  

The reality is somewhat in between. While companies expect more hunger from the employee, it needs to be able to be flexible if the right one comes along. In today's context, there is never a one size fits all approach.

Source: Mothership

5) Minions making a comeback at Mcdonalds

Minions take over Mcd with new menu and a set of 35 collectables.

Source: TWD

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