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ErgoTune Supreme chair Review : The Perfect Egronomic Chair For WFH

Are you WFH?

During Circuit Breaker and even now at Phase 2, there are still many people who are Working From Home (WFH). One thing most will realise is that sitting in front of the monitor for countless hours will take a toll on the back. This will be true if one is seating on a dining chair or a basic office chair that you picked from Ikea. 

Given that WFH has now become commonplace, having just a chair will not be sufficient. Instead, one should consider investing in an ergonomic chair. Personally, having spending hours on a basic office chair to get articles daily, my back and neck are crying out for help. ErgoTune must have heard my woes and offered us to collaborate with their latest ErgroTune Ergonomic Chair.


What makes ErgoTune the Perfect Ergonomic chair?

ErgoTune Brand

Of all the chairs I had sat for the past 4 decades or so, ErgoTune is by far, hands down the best ergonomic chair I had sat on. This may be a very bold claim for a new chair, but from the experience I had for the past weeks, it is undeniably so.  Thanks to ErgoTune11 point of adjustment,  this chair practically moulds your body onto it, making hours of seating enjoyable.  

Before we get into the functions, we must understand the ideal position for good posture and comfort. An ideal position would be as follows:

  • Seated at an angle of 90°
  • Feet Flat on the ground
  • Back of the knees at 2-3 finger's width away from Seat Pan
  • Lumbar Spine Fully Supported
  • Forearms and Wrists flushed with desk, Elbows flexed to 90°
  • Headrest angled to fit your neck and lower half of head.
Ergotune has addressed all these and more with the numerous adjustable options fo the chair.

Functions of ErgoTune

Seat Height

The chair's height can be adjusted. This would allow your knees to be bend 90° and have your feet flat on the ground. This position relieves undue pressure on joints and prevents spinal or knee misalignments. This chair is built for those in the 150-190cm range with a recommended weight support of up to 150kg.

Seat Depth 

Unlike most of the chairs in the market, the ErgoTune allows you to adjust the seat depth. Regardless of your body type, you should be able to adjust it so that your back of the knee would be at 2-3 fingers width from the seat pan's edge. This position will relieve upper backaches and prevent serious problems like weakened abdominal and pelvic floor muscles

Backrest Depth with ALTAS and Truetil Precision Recline Control

The backrest can be move or down

The backrest height is also adjustable so that your body could contour naturally with the chair. With its unique ATLAS -Auto Tuning Lumbar Area Support design, it provides a natural c-shaped curve to fit snugly for lumbar support.  

C Shape curved Backrest

Moreover, using its true tilt precision recline controls, you could also adjust the seat recline tension or to lock it to suit the the activity you are doing. 

True tilt in action

This helps to prevent spinal deformities and relax your back muscles.

4 Armrest Height with GryoBrace 5D Armrest

A well-positioned armrest will minimise strain on your wrist when working. The armrest height could be adjusted so that it will flush with your desk and your elbow flexed to an L-shaped posture. Adjustable height also allows you to fit the chair under the table when not in use for space savings (for desks under 67.5cm and tall and 61cm wide.

Other than height, ErgoTune added 3 extra functions not found in most chairs. First, you could adjust the armrest angle to suit the activity you are going to do. Additionally, the width can be adjusted for a narrow or wide fit.

Gryobrace 5D Armrest

Lastly, the armrest comes with 2 length setting. Set to maximum length when you are writing or minimum length when typing or when you have a larger desk area. It does not matter the size of the desk you have as the chair is 'smart' enough to adjust for optimum comfort.

5 Neck Rest Adjustment with Tritune 3D Support Headrest

3D Support Headrest

While most chairs come with neck rest, the adjustments provided are limited. ErgoTune address this with its Tritune 3D Support Headrest that has height and tilt adjustments that would allow you to support the whole height of your neck and lower half of the head. 

This position will prevent neck strains, tension headaches and muscle guarding.

USER Experience

Chair for all occasions

The combinations of these functions allow me to sit in either a focus, compose or relax mode. Be it in focus mode when I am trading, compose mode when drafting out a blog post or relax mode when watching Netflix, it was easy to adjust the chair according to my needs. 

Breathable Duraweave Hybrid Mesh Upholstery

Moreover, the Duraweave Hybrid Mesh Upholstery provides breathable comfort. Unlike other mesh chairs I tried, the seat pad itself is not affixed to foam. Instead, it stays suspended, giving a bouncy yet comfortable feel when seated. 

The material itself provides breathable comfort and strength. In Singapore's hot climate, the hybrid mesh is the right material for a chair compared to PU or leather as they can get quite hot with the heat. With hybrid mesh, it is comfortable for areas that have no air-con too.

Do not be fooled by the mesh upholstery, this chair is solid and slightly heavier compared to the usual chairs in the market. 

Finally, a nod to good wheel design. The castors are flushed so even rolling on carpets provide a smooth transition.

Regardless of work or play, ErgoTune will function well. In my opinion, this is the perfect chair for all occasions!

Where to buy?

ErgoTune - The (almost) perfect chair

Retailing now at a promo price of  $599 (usual price $850)*, we think it is a steal compared to other chairs in the market. It is available in Charcoal Black and Coral Pink. It comes in two range, the ErgoTune Supreme that we had reviewed and the ErgoTune Classic that does not come with the 3D Headrest and the 5D armrest.

A special deal for our readers, Quote WACKYDUO30 and you will get an additional $30 off*. Furthermore, for customers who purchase within this period, they will get a chance to win 100% cashback too.

More Details at these links

EgroTune Website

EgroTune Facebook

EgroTune Instagram

*Discount and Promotion will be valid from Oct1 to 31. Promotion does not include assembly (Extra $19)


TWD was provided with an EGROTUNE for the purpose of this review. All opinions are of our own


  1. Hey there! Thank you for the review. May i know what is the maximum height of the seat please? I usually measure this by adjusting the seat to the max height, and using a measuring tape to measure from the wheels touching the floor to the seat itself (not the backrest / headrest / armrest). The chair looks really good but my problem is that I have a dresser table as my computer table and it's quite high. I wanted to know if the chair can be high enough. My current seat on my chair is about 50cm at max height.

    1. It's about 58cm from the floor. Should be high enough?

  2. Your code is not acceptable on their site.

    1. Hi. We had checked and confirmed the code is valid. Please use WACKYDUO30 to check out and enjoy the discount. Thanks


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